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One of the greatest pleasures in life is taking a good shower with hot water – or if it is in summer, freshwater. The levels of pleasure, however, increase even more if the aforementioned shower is accompanied by the reproduction of good music, so that you can sing loudly, in “duet” mode with your favorite artists, the songs that you like the most.

I must admit that, until not long ago, I would put my iPhone in the bathroom and leave it playing the songs that I wanted. As an emergency solution, this is not bad at all – although the integrity of the phone is compromised – but then I discovered an infinitely better alternative: the shower speakers, completely waterproof, more powerful than those integrated into the phone itself and … you can put them right next to you and control the playback and volume as you like during the shower itself!

Lately, these speakers are proliferating, so it can be difficult to choose the most suitable one. That is why we have decided to carefully scan the market for the best options. In our search, we have found very different types with various functions, and we have kept these 6: the best waterproof shower speakers to use with iPhone, iPad, Mac, or other mobiles, tablets, or computers that have Bluetooth connectivity. Let’s see them!

JBL Flip 4 Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker

This waterproof shower speaker from JBL is the ideal solution if you want to spend little money and don’t mind doing without frills. And we are talking about a simple, but very efficient model: you pair it with your iPhone –or with any device you want ( up to 2) – through Bluetooth in a very simple way, hit play and… enjoy music!

Of course, the speaker will resist water splashes without problems – it has IPX7 certification -, and it comes with a voice assistant activation. As for the sound quality it provides, this, without being overwhelming with its powerful JBL bass radiator. This is more than perfect to give you a pleasant shower experience.

Its battery capacity, on the other hand, is not bad either: it lasts about 12 hours of continuous audio playback, so, with a daily shower of 15 minutes, the speaker would work for almost 7 weeks without having to go through the plug. The charge, by the way, is done through the built-in MicroUSB port, and it takes about 3 and a half hours to go from 0% to 100%.

Finally, the speaker also incorporates a built-in microphone, so if someone calls you while you’re glowing in the shower and you want to take the call, you can do so and have a conversation with whoever calls you. And all this for a price that does not even reach $90. Not bad, right?

Bose SoundLink Micro, Portable Outdoor Speaker

With this Bose SoundLink Micro model, we find ourselves not only with an excellent shower speaker but also with several extra features that place it a step above others. A few weeks ago, in fact, we had the opportunity to analyze it in-depth and we were really satisfied with it.

The first thing that catches the attention of the speaker is its compact size, which will allow you to conveniently attach it to a backpack or bike.

If we add that to the integrated microphone with voice activation–thanks to which you can also use the speaker as a Bluetooth hands-free, the mandatory water resistance –IPX7 certification -, the remarkable sound quality it provides for crisp and clear audio and the fabulous battery capacity that boasts – up to 6 hours of continuous audio playback -, the result is overwhelming: this is one of the most interesting shower speakers on the market.

It has an amazing wireless range of 30 feet. That’s not all, it has a rugged exterior which is crack, scratch and dust resistant.

You have it available in two different colors –black and bright orange–, and its price is just $79.

Anker Soundcore 2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

If you want to turn up the bass, then you are sure to love this waterproof Bluetooth speaker from Anker. And we are talking about a model that incorporates a BassUp technology for clarity.

Apart from the BassUp technology, the speaker has several aspects in which it performs very well: its resistance certification is IPX7, so, when it comes to water, It not only withstands splashes but can also be submerged without damage. Assuming, for example, that you are in a pool and that your speaker falls over, it should survive the incident without problems.

But, in addition, the aforementioned certification guarantees that the speaker is resistant to dust, and also stoically withstand many more shocks and falls than other models can resist, so, in addition to serving as a musical companion in the shower or bathtub, it can become your Bluetooth speaker for other uses, such as going to the beach or giving you the opportunity to listen to your favorite songs while you are in the pool.

The sound quality it provides, on the other hand, is not bad at all and can enjoy your music without any distortion no matter how high you play your music. While its battery reaches 24 hours of continuous audio playback.

Its price is about $40.

AOMAIS Sport II Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speakers

This AOMAIS Sport is one of the most portables of all that we propose: and it is designed so that you can take it anywhere with the greatest possible comfort, and also, for Of course, so you can enjoy your favorite music in the shower or while you take a bath, as it is a water-resistant model with IPX7 certification. It is resilient and can withstand being run over by a car.

We have to say that, when we first heard what this speaker sounded like, we were really surprised … it is portable but still delivers! Obviously we are not talking about a loud sound that will leave you deaf, but we are talking about a clear sound with less than 1% distortion at high volume, much better than one would expect from such a small model.

With a radius of 10 feet for its Bluetooth connection, compatibility with Amazon Echo Dot, a range of up to 15 hours of continuous audio playback and built-in microphone to answer calls in hands-free mode, anyone will fall in love with this beast; in fact, users who have already purchased it have rated it with 4.5 stars Amazon.

You can get it for a price that does not even reach $35.

Photive Hydra Portable Bluetooth Speaker

In the event that you do not find it enough to enjoy your favorite songs in the shower with perfect and neat sound quality, but you want extra power and a sound that can be described as remarkable, here is Photive Hydra Portable Bluetooth Speaker with Enhanced Bass.

And we are talking about a model that can generate a more solid sound than most of the shower speakers out there of the same price range. If you add to that its efficient Bluetooth connection, its IPX6 certification –resistance to dust and splashes– and its battery capacity of 8 hours of continuous audio playback, the end result is very, very interesting. So much so that Amazon users have rated it, after more than 5000 reviews, with a 4.5-star rating.

Of course, keep in mind that this model does not come with suction cups to hang it on the wall, so you will have to find a hole in the bathtub to support it without problems.

You can get hold of it for a price of around $80.

Ultimate Ears BOOM 2 Portable Waterproof & Shockproof Bluetooth Speaker

The Ultimate Ears BOOM 2 is the ideal waterproof  Bluetooth speaker (IPX7 rated) for those who want to enjoy great sound power that allows you not only to mount a water disco in your shower but also to entertain massive parties at the pool or any other space.

And we are talking about a premium speaker that provides fabulous sound quality, with powerful bass and clean and crystalline trebles, but also extra useful features, such as the NFC function, wireless play to 2 UE speakers from one source, the microphone to use it as hands-free in phone calls.

The built-in battery also performs really well – holds up to 15 hours of continuous audio playback – so there are few weak points in this model. Of course, it also has the discomfort that it cannot be hung on the wall with suction cups: you must find a place for it somewhere else.

Its price is just over $120, money that will seem well invested if you are looking for maximum power.

Tips for buying the best shower speaker

Whichever waterproof Bluetooth speaker the user chooses, the battery should be checked first. The device becomes useless when it is not efficient in terms of its battery capacity.

The second criterion is the size and weight of the enclosure. The compact models are less bulky and above all light. They slip easily into the pants pocket or into handbags. However, there are some that their sound may not be as sharp and powerful as that of a larger Bluetooth speaker. This feature is highly recommended for listening outdoors.

The third criterion concerns its protection index. Since the enclosure is waterproof, it is vitally important. Some models resist everything: dust, liquids, water splashes, etc. These devices comply with the IPX7 standard. This is what it takes to have a speaker that can survive all external aggression’s.

Faced with the multitude of waterproof Bluetooth speakers on sale currently on the market, some features can make the difference. Among them, we can cite as an example the light effects, the charging port for tablet or smart phone, the dedicated application, the control buttons, the voice assistant, etc.

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