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When it is cold, most people turn on the heating system for warmth. However, sometimes the room may be too big and not sufficiently served by the central system. Also, heating a large room can be costly, especially if you only want to heat a particular space. This is why you need to get the best heater to address the heating problems without breaking a bank.

In this article, we will look at the factors to consider when purchasing a space heater for larger rooms, best space heaters for large rooms, types of space heaters, frequently asked questions, and more.

Factors to consider when choosing a space heater for a large room  

  • Heat setting and wattage

Wattage is the maximum output a device can produce. High wattage indicates the space heater has the ability to generate more power to heat a large room. However, remember that high wattage does not always equate to efficiency and you shouldn’t base your judgment solely on wattage when comparing different models. In fact, most models allow you to choose different settings. A general rule is that higher number of settings gives more control over heat dispersal.

  • Size of the heating area

There is a wide variety of space heater, so it is important to choose a model that will supply enough heat for your needs. Some models are advertised to have capacities for large areas but turn to be a disappointment. Note that infrared models are ideal for specific areas in a room and may not be effective in large spaces when used alone. So, these models will only act as a complement to your central heating system.

  • Timer

Some space heaters feature a timer to control the production of heat. This is an excellent feature if you want to use the heater for a specific amount of time. However, as with any type of heater, you should be careful when using it unattended, especially if you have kids or pets.

  • Thermostat

Look out for a space heater with a thermostat to save on energy bills. You will be able to keep the room at your desired and specific temperature. The thermostat will turn the space heater on/off to retain a constant heat for your room.  

  • Remote control

Choosing a space heater with remote control will enable you to operate various functions anywhere in the room. For instance, you can use the remote control to switch it on or off and adjust temperature levels.

  • Safety features

Go for the model that comes with the necessary protection measures because these heaters can be hazardous. For instance, consider features such as tip-over protection that automatically switches off the heater when tipped over and overheat protection that turns off if the heater overheats or exceed certain temperatures.

  • Dimensions

It is imperative to consider the space heater’s dimensions to get the right size for your room. There is a wide variety of sizes, and you will always find the best for your need.  

  • Weight

The weight is a crucial feature to consider because space heaters are portable. Since you will have to move the heater around the house, you should choose the one with manageable weight. Some models have wheels to move them around effortlessly.

Best space heater for large room

  1. Lasko 6405 space heater

This is one of the best space heaters that looks more like an ornament rather than a heater. It has a vase-like design with sturdy pedestals and can be a great piece to add in a large room that needs heat. Fortunately, it has a neutral color that will match with a wide range of décors. Although it seems to have a heavy-duty structure, it is lightweight weighing only 7 pounds.

The controls are placed on the top, which makes it very easy to use. One of the most noticeable features is the oscillating fan mechanism that helps to disperse heat evenly throughout a large room.  

The only problem is the misleading pictures that do not show any power cord. Remember that this is an electric device that requires electricity juice to function. Some images may suggest that the heater is a décor element even to be placed in the middle of the room. However, this unit comes with a 6-foot power cord and has to be positioned at a safe place to avoid knocking it over.


  • Impressive design
  • 7-hour auto-timer
  • Safe use around children


  • Does not have auto-feature
  1. DeLonghi HCX9115E space heater

If you are a minimalist and looking for an appropriate heater for your home, consider the DeLonghi HCX9115E. It is extremely quiet and incredibly slim to fit perfectly in minimalist décor.  

Fortunately, it can be mounted on the wall to keep outreach for children. Everything you need for the installation process is included in the kit. Also, it is enclosed and can also be used as a freestanding unit on the floor.

This unit packs 1500watts of power to heat a room of up to 300 feet and has a dual-fan mechanism that disperses heat more evenly and quickly throughout the room. It has an adjustable thermostat and multiple heat settings that will enable you to customize your comfort. It has an eco-mode feature that automatically changes the temperature to the most economic parameters to save you energy.  


  • Super slim design
  • Operates quietly
  • Auto-turn off


  • Wall mounting process is difficult
  1. Heat Storm HS- 1500-IMO portable heater

The Heat Storm HS-1500 heater is a compact unit with impressive performance. Even though it looks small, it can heat up to 1000 square feet with its 5200 BTU heat output. It is only 11 pounds, which makes it easy to carry it around the room.

The most striking feature is the HMS technology that makes the heater emit safe and soft heat without reducing the natural moisture and oxygen levels in the air. This means you will be able to breathe normally, and your skin will not become dry.

It has a small convenient size to be placed anywhere in the room. If you are concerned with electricity bills, the energy-efficient setting can reduce the wattage from 1500 to 750.

There is a built-in thermostat with an LED display that indicates the temperature level to enable you to regulate the temperature more precisely according to your needs. It also comes with a remote control to adjust the settings even from a distance.


  • Compact sized
  • Handle for portability
  • Remote control


  • Used as a supplemental heating
  1. Dr. Infrared portable space heater

Dr. Infrared is one of the best space heaters on this list. It is small, weighing only 23.2 pounds with dimensions of 13 x 11 x 16 inches. Instead of heating the air in the room, this space heater has a dual heating system mechanism that uses convection and infrared technology. This allows the heater to disperse heat more evenly and faster without compromising the air’s natural humidity.

If you have small kids and pets, you should consider this heating unit. The outer surface does not get hot even after being in operation for hours, which is an excellent feature if there are children and pets. Also, it has overheat and tip-over protection.

This unit features an infrared quartz tube plus a 12hr automatic switch-off to save power. It also comes with an IR remote control to enable you to adjust the settings at the comfort of your sofa. The noise blower is super quiet at only 39decibals.


  • Evenly and fast heat dispersal
  • IR remote control
  • 12hr automatic timer


  • Produces noise when the thermostat adjust
  • De’ Longhi Mica Thermic panel heater

If you are budget conscious and require an affordable yet functional heater for your large room, you should consider the De’Longhi Mica space heater. It is incredibly slim, measuring 27 x 10 x 22 inches and lightweight at only 8 pounds. The sleek and stylish design means that you can mount it on the wall or use it as a standalone unit.

It packs with enough power to heat even large rooms. The adjustable thermostat and multiple heat settings allow you to personalize your comfort. You can choose between the lower setting at 750 watts and the high output at 1500watts.

The De’Longhi Mica space heater has safety features to avert problems. It has an automatic turn-off feature in case of overheating and internal tip-over protection in the event of knocking to over. The power/caution indicator is well-positioned and visible.         

This heater operates very quietly and produces gentle, clean, and safe heat. It also features a custom Mica Thermic technology that improves performance. The heater starts to emit heat instantly, which is almost impossible for some models on the market.


  • Lightweight and slim
  • Provide instant heat
  • Thermal auto shut-off


  • Makes noticeable noisy sounds

Types of space heaters

  1. Ceramic

Most people expect a ceramic space heater to be made from ceramic material, which is not the case. In fact, most of them are made from either plastic or metal. The only ceramic part is the one that conducts heat inside the unit. There is a fan that disperses the hot air into the room.

  1. Radiant and infrared

The two terms are used interchangeably but refer to the same space heater. It is electric and works by heating either a quartz tube or coil, and the produced heat is dispersed as infrared radiation (IR).

  1. Micathermic and oil-filled  

Oil-filled and micathermic heaters are popular for their quiet operations. Unlike other types that start to produce heat almost instantly, these units take longer to emit heat sufficient for large rooms.

  1. Forced air

These are special types of space heaters that push air over a hot element to warm the surrounding area. In most cases, they are more powerful than the average indoor heating unit. Some are run by combustible fuel such as natural gas and propane, so they should be used in ventilated areas.

Frequently asked questions

  1. How do ceramic heaters affect the skin?

Prolonged use of ceramic heaters can cause your skin to become drier than normal. This is because it works by dispersing hot air that dries up the natural moisture in the room. It is the dry air that causes your skin to become dry and rough.

  1. Can I clean my space heater?

The cleaning method differs from one model to another, so you should consult the particular device’s manual. As a safety measure, you should first turn off the heater and disconnect it from the outlet before removing the cover. Remove the dust on the filter and elements using a brush and a vacuum cleaner to remove any dirt inside.

  1. Will the space heater increase my electricity bills?

The central heating system is the easiest and cheapest way to heat your home and adding a space heater will affect your electricity bill. However, you can choose an energy-efficient model to avoid the increased cost. You can also opt for an auto switch-off model to ensure your electricity never goes to waste.

  1. Do space heaters emit any smell?

Yes, sometimes, a space heater can emit gasses when operation. Some of the causes include clogged filters, a leak, or the first time using the heater. If the smell persists even after cleaning the filter, you should consult a technician.

  • Are space heaters safe for the kids?

Most space heater models have safety features and can be used around children. Some are enclosed while others switch off automatically when knocked over. If you want to take the precaution much further, you opt for models that can be mounted on the ceilings and walls to keep them completely out of reach for children.


There is a wide range of space heaters on the market, and choosing the best for your needs may be a challenge. We have reviewed the best heaters for large to narrow your choices, whether you are looking for an affordable or high-end model. Our top pick is the Lasko 6405 space heater because of its unique design, affordability with impressive features. It is also effortless to operate and maintain.

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