6 Best Steam irons

Some people have to iron their clothes every day for work while others use an iron a few times a year when attending an important function like a wedding or job interview. No matter the category you belong in, it is essential to have a robust iron to remove creases without damaging your clothes.

If you want to iron your clothes as sharply and crisply as possible, you need to get a steam iron. It uses the combination of heat and steam to remove creases and wrinkles from your clothes. The best steam iron should have the right weight, comfortable to hold, continuous steam pressure and high voltage.

Read on to find out factors to consider when buying a steam iron, best steam irons on the market, frequently asked questions and more.

Factors to consider when buying a steam iron

A steamy and hot iron with a high-quality soleplate can work wonders on your creased clothes. Most new steam irons are pretty easy to use and emit enough steam to smoothen a wide variety of fabrics. Here are some of the factors you need to consider to choose the best steam iron for your needs and budget.

  • Steam produced

The combination of heat and steam helps to remove even difficult creases. While any hot iron will eventually remove wrinkles, the one that produces less steam takes longer to complete the job. So, for maximum effectiveness, choose an iron with high steam output.

  • Soleplate

Steam irons come with soleplates made from a wide range of materials. The best soleplate should enable you to glide smoothly without scorching your garments. Stainless steel soleplate is common on most irons because it is an excellent heat conductor and has a smooth surface. Some iron has ceramic-coated soleplates that are even easier to glide across your garments though they are prone to peeling and chipping. There is also titanium soleplates that provide exceptional heat distribution.

  • Controls

Most irons feature slides, dials and digital LCD to control and monitor temperatures. Choose an iron with identifiable controls that are easy to use.

  • Auto shutoff feature

This is a safety feature and most modern steam irons has it. The iron switches off if it is motionless for a few seconds, whether propped up and laid flat or on the side. While this feature can prevent fire, the stored heat can still be hazardous if the iron is not left on a safe surface.

  • Surge or burst-of-steam button

This button helps to add more steam to defeat stubborn creases. It is especially handy when ironing heavy fabric such as denim.

  • Maintenance

Choose a steam iron that is easy to maintain. A self-cleaning system helps to remove mineral residues from vents. The burst-of-steam feature can also be used to clean the vents.

Best steam irons on the market

  1. Rowenta DW5080 1700watt Micro steam iron

Rowenta is a famous brand in the world of steam irons and is known to produce high quality, efficient and reasonably priced products. It no surprise that the Rowenta DW5080 is one of the best steams iron on the market and our top pick in this list.

It comes with a stainless steel soleplate and 10-ounce water tank. The soleplate has over 400 steam holes that ensure even distribution of steam, and with an impressive 1700watts power, this model will give you super performance.  

The angled precision tip is designed to enable you to get between buttons and pleats, making ironing easier. In addition, it has an anti-calcium system to prevent buildup and anti-drip design that prevent leaking and spitting at low temperatures. Also, it comes with crucial safety features such as quick 3-way automatic shutoff to avoid accidents.

The thermostat knob is easy to control, and you can easily choose the ideal steam depending on the fabric you are ironing. In addition, the handle has an ergonomic grip to enable you iron even for long hours without getting tired.  


  • Stainless steel soleplate
  • Over 400 steam holes
  • Angled precision tip


  • Leaking issues
  1. . T-fal FV4495 Ultra Easycord Steam Iron

This is another high-quality steam iron that comes with imposing features and at an affordable price. It has nonstick and scratch-resistant soleplate with sufficient power output to give an implausible performance. Regardless of the type of fabric, creases will not stand a chance.

The soleplate has numerous holes to ensure even distribution of steam and the ceramic surface will enable you to glide across any fabric with ease to smoothen even stubborn wrinkles. It comes with a long cord of up to 12 feet to enable you to iron clothes even when the power outlet is not close.  

It has an extra-large water tank with a capacity of 9-ounces. Fortunately, it is equipped with safety features such as anti-drip and anti-scale and a 3-way auto-shutoff to prevent accidents.

This iron has a power output of 1725watts that provide a powerful burst of steam to remove wrinkles on any type of fabric. While the front of the soleplate is tipped, it does not offer high precisions, making it difficult to access hard to reach spots.


  • Ceramic soleplate
  • Burst of steam
  • Safety features


  • Blunt tip
  1. Rowenta DW9280 digital display steam iron

If you are looking for a high-end steam iron, you should consider the Rowenta DW9280 iron. It is a powerful model with enough power to undertake any task besides folding your garments. With a power output of 1800watts, it will enable you to remove even the worst wrinkles from any material, including denim and blankets.

The stainless steel soleplate has over 400 holes that facilitate even distribution of steam. It has a big water tank that can hold 11 ounces, which is one of the biggest on this list. This iron comes with a LED digital display to select different settings and produces 30% more steam than its competitors.

It has a smart steam motion sensor that turns off the steam when the iron is not in motion, which helps to preserve both electricity and water. This iron is powerful enough even to emit steam vertically to enable you to deal with creased curtains. In addition, it has anti-calcium and anti-drip technology for longevity.

This steam iron features a 3-way automatic shutoff system if left for 30 seconds when facing down and 8 minutes vertically to prevent accidents. Also, it has a self-cleaning mechanism for easier maintenance. The Rowenta DW9280 iron is built to last and give you service for a long time.


  • 1800wats power output
  • 0ver 400 steam holes
  • Safety features


  • Too heavy
  1. Sunbeam steammaster iron

Some steam irons are very expensive, but you don’t have to strain your budget to get a reliable and high-quality iron for your needs. The Sunbeam Steammaster is an affordable option, and while it may not be as powerful as high-end models, it has impressive features for daily use.

This iron comes with a stainless steel nonstick soleplate and has a power output of 1400watts. Also, it has vertical spay option and dual spray mist to remove tough wrinkles from any fabric. The pointed tip will enable you to iron hard to reach points like the pleats and around the buttons. Another noticeable feature is the anti-drip system that prevents leakage for a more enjoyable ironing experience.

For peace of mind, it has a 3-way automatic motion smart technology that shuts-off if the iron is unattended or left in an improper position. It will switch off after 30 seconds when facing down, 15 minutes when vertical and 30 seconds when horizontal. The 8-foot cord is retractable for hassle-free and neat storage.


  • Stainless steel nonstick soleplate
  • 3-way motion auto-shutoff
  • 8-foot retractable cord


  • Overheating problems
  • Singer Expert Finish steam iron

If you are a tailor and need a heavy-duty steam iron, you should consider this model. It is powerful enough to take any task and surprisingly lightweight with an ergonomic handle. The brushed stainless steel soleplate provides an effortless glide and has hundreds of micro holes to distribute the steam evenly to ensure efficient ironing and stellar performance.  

The advanced LCD temperature display is accurate and has nine temperature settings for ironing a wide range of fabrics. It has an open tip to allow you to reach pleats and between the buttons and 3600 power cord for a free range of motion. The anti-drip design prevents water leakage when using the iron in low temperature.

It comes with a 3-way shutoff feature that will automatically switch off the iron if left unattended 8 minutes when in a vertical position, 30 seconds when facing down and 30 seconds when horizontal. The concentrated steam burst helps to remove challenging wrinkles. This iron is powerful enough to produce vertical steam to use in an upright position to remove creases in hanging garments like curtains.


  • Advanced LCD
  • 360 degrees swivel cord  
  • Has a 3-way auto-shutoff feature


  • Spiting and leaking issues
  • PurSteam Professional Grade steam iron

This is a premium-quality and affordable steam iron with high-end features such as 1700watts power output, scratch-resistant, true position axially aligned steam holes, self-cleaning, etc. Some of these features are rare to find at this price point.

The thick chromium finish soleplate is nonstick and offers an exceptional glide on any fabric. It is scratch resistant with the right number of holes to produce a sufficient amount of steam to get the job done. The holes are specially sized and aligned to ensure even steam distribution.

This steam iron comes with an adjustable thermostat to select the ideal temperature and steam output easily. With the 1700 watts power output and the Rapid Even-Heat Technology, it cuts your ironing time by half. The iron can be used on a wide range of fabrics such as cotton, wool, silk, nylon polyester, linen and more.

It has 3-way shut off system to keep safe at all time and avoid burning your garments. The anti-drip features prevent water leaks when using the iron at low temperatures or when not in use. In addition, this iron has an anti-calcium feature to prevent mineral buildup for longevity.


  • 1700watts power output
  • Chromium finish soleplate
  • Anti-drip feature


  • The dial is difficult to turn

Steam iron frequently asked questions.

  1. Why is my iron’s soleplate producing a yellowish color that stains clothes?

Some of the reasons that can explain the presence of yellowish color include using the wrong type of water, fibers from your clothes being carbonized by the iron and not rinsing the clothes properly.

  1. What is the right temperature to iron clothes?

It is crucial to select the right temperature to avoid damaging your clothes. Most irons feature a thermostat to control the temperature precisely with dials that correspond to different types of fabrics.

  1. How do I prevent the iron from dripping water on the fabric?

Avoid using the boost steam vigorously and wait for a few minutes between each use. In addition, always place the temperature button on the steam area and apply steam when the iron is hot.

  1. Why is my iron producing smoke?

When you switch on your iron for the first time, you may notice some smoke and odor on the soleplate. This is just some manufacturing residue that will burn off and disappear quickly.

  • Why is my iron not producing any steam?

The main reason why your iron is not producing steam is because of the low water level. Also, it may be because of the low temperature that does allow steam to be produced. Just add more water to the tank and set the thermostat to the steam zone of between 2 dots and Max.


Steam irons provide a quick and efficient way to remove creases from a wide range of fabrics. They use a combination of steam and heat to straighten stubborn creases, leaving your clothes looking polished. Our top pick is the Rowenta DW5080 because of its sleek look and powerful performance. We have also reviewed other high-quality models at different price points to enable you to choose the one that meets your needs.  

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