Best Acrylic Freestanding Tubs

After a long and stressful day, who wouldn’t like to go soaking in a tub to relax? If you have some of these best acrylic freestanding tubs, the feeling only gets better. These tubs can increase the beauty of the bathroom, while providing top-notch comfort.  

In this article, we will help you discover some of the best acrylic freestanding tubs on the market. Also, we will help you learn about the choosing criteria and what are some of the necessary features a good tub has to have.

What Is an Acrylic Freestanding Tub?

A freestanding tub is a tub without any surrounding installments that are not attached to the walls. It is built with the intent to be stand-alone, like a piece of furniture, so you can move it wherever you’d like in your bathroom.

The downside is that these tubs are a bit pricier compared to standard tubs that you build in. This is because they are more complex to make and design. Also, they tend to be quite heavy. If you don’t have a reinforced floor, buying one might be a problem for you. This is why it’s good to buy an acrylic freestanding tub, as this material is a bit more lightweight than others. However, having a beautifully designed freestanding tub can make any bathroom unique and classy.

Know the Difference between Built-in and Freestanding Tub

Most professionals will say that freestanding tubs are better than built-in tubs in more than one way. First off, they have much prettier design and achieve a level of sophistication that isn’t achievable with any built-in tub. Also, they can be made from various materials, though acrylic is always the most recommended one. Unlike built-in tubs, they don’t have to be made from construction materials, as they aren’t part of the walls. This makes them neater looking, while also making your bathroom appear more spacious.

Built-in tubs can’t just be moved around whenever you’d like. Freestanding tubs, on the other hand, can be placed wherever without needing to change the surrounding structures. This allows you to have a huge variety of placement options, while built-in tubs usually can be placed at just one spot.

Once the plumbing is installed, freestanding tubs are good to go. There is no extra tiling and framing. Also, they are much easier to clean, as they won’t form those hideous grout lines.

However, as we’ve already stated, freestanding tubs are fairly more expensive compared to built-in tubs. The weight can also be a problem. Also, because of its placement, it can end up leaving you with less space for other bathroom elements. Another issue with them is that people with disabilities can find them hard to use.

What Types of Freestanding Tubs Are There?

Best acrylic freestanding tubs come in various shapes and forms. Essentially they can be customized to fit everyone’s taste and preferences. There are several ways to distinguish freestanding tubs one from another.

1. Their Function

Different freestanding tubs are meant for different functions. For example, there are tubs made for still water that you can soak yourself into. There are air tubs, which are considered therapeutic as they use air pressure to stir the water. They are great for pain and stress relief. If you want something more exciting, there are even whirlpool tubs with waterjets! They will provide you with a relaxing experience without going to a spa. Some of these tubs also have combined functions, to give you more variety and options.

2. Their Shape

The shape is usually chosen based on how much free space you have, but also your own aesthetic preferences. Most common shapes are oval and rectangular, but they can also be square or round-shaped. There are even corner tubs, which are great if you want to save space. There are a lot of places that allow you to order customized tubs, in any shape possible. You might even order an hourglass-shaped one!

One of the more common shapes is the so-called ‘slipper tub’. This kind of tub has a sloping side that you can rest on while sitting in the bath. This slope can be on one side, or both, depending on your desires. This will provide you with the ultimate bathing experience.

3. Their Style

A style of the freestanding tub can further enhance its functionality, as well as looks. For example, your tub can have a roll-top design. In other words, the edges are ‘rolled’ for everything to look smoother. If you are looking for something that will give your bathroom a traditional look, you can have a tub in a claw foot style. This will not only make it look unique, but it will make the cleaning easier, as the tub will be raised from the floor.

Some of the best acrylic freestanding tubs also have additional features. You can find freestanding tubs with built-in LED lights made for Chroma therapy, or ones with waterproof speakers. Others even have heating panels to help the water remain hot for a longer time!

Features the Best Acrylic Freestanding Tubs Must Have

The first thing that you should consider when choosing a freestanding tub is the space it will require once installed. You should always count in the overall height, width, length, and depth, as you don’t want to buy something you don’t have space for. Be sure that you have reinforced your floor before installation and that you have repaired any weak points, such as cracks.

You should also consider the price of your model. As we’ve already stated, freestanding tubs are a bit more expensive, so wisely prepare your budget and don’t go overboard. Depending on your preferred budget, you can choose whether you want a simple tub or the one that even has whirlpool jet features. Good thing is that acrylic tubs are a bit more economic when it comes to pricing, so you can find more options for a fairly okay budget.

Best Acrylic Freestanding Tubs

1. Ferdy 67’’ Acrylic Freestanding Bathtub

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Ferdy is a brand that is known for luxurious tubs, and this model isn’t an exception. This tub is designed to be large enough for everyone to soak in. If you are looking for a tub to relax in with a glass of wine, this model is one of the best on the market. It can hold up to 66 gallons of water and can hold a weight of up to 800kg!

This freestanding tub is durable, built from high-quality acrylic that won’t easily break. The construction is further reinforced with fiberglass, to provide longevity and overall aesthetics. You can enjoy it for years and years! Also, it’s easy to clean, especially as it’s almost completely resistant to rust, staining, and overall tearing. It was proven to be resistant to most harmful chemicals that you can use inside the bathroom.

This tub has a curved design which is trending in 2020. The unit has adjustable feet that can help you place it on any surface. Also, it’s easy to install and it comes with an instruction manual.


  • Durable
  • Can hold up a large amount of weight
  • Leakage proof


  • Doesn’t have any special features

2. WoodBridge 54’’ Acrylic Freestanding Bathtub

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This is one of the most unique high-end tubs on the market. It is built in a contemporary design which makes it one of a kind. Apart from the faucet, it also has a shower head, so you aren’t limited to only bathing in it. This makes it a truly fulfilling product.

The first thing you can notice when you look at this tub is its unique style. With it, any bathroom can be turned into a modern work of art. The acrylic is reinforced with fiberglass and Ashland resin, which adds to the overall style but also durability. The bathtub remains warm to the touch, so you won’t have to wait for your bathroom to heat up before soaking yourself in it.

This freestanding tub is easy to clean and it won’t easily get damaged, even with common chemicals and cosmetics used in the bathroom. It has a heat retention feature, so the water won’t become cold too fast. It also has a pop-up drain that can prevent leakage or spill of water. Also, it comes with a pre-installed drain and overflow.


  • Durable
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Comes with a freestanding shower head


  • It doesn’t have any extra features

3. WoodBridge Whirlpool and Air Bubble Freestanding Bathtub B-0034

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This acrylic tub has measurements of 71×31.5 inches, with a depth of 14.5 inches. It will provide you with a luxurious and comfortable experience like no other. It comes with 10 body massage jets that are adjustable and can be set in up to 10 working modes. This will give you the feeling of being in a spa center. You can give yourself a massage or just enjoy a bubble bath to relieve you from pain or stress. Not only that, but this kind of massage will also make your skin glow. It works on electric power, and the requirements are 110 V, 69 Hz, and 15 A.

The unit is made of high-quality acrylic, while the jets are made from stainless steel. Also, there is an underwater lamp that can help you set the mood for yourself. Another reason why this bathtub is unique is its S-curve design that will place your spine in a great posture.

The drainage system is well made, and it won’t leak as it’s made from durable materials. Everything is rather easy to install and the model comes with a 5-year guarantee. Keep in mind that the air blower, pump, and other plumbing parts have a shorter, 1-year guarantee.


  • Durable
  • Comes with adjustable water jets
  • Really comfortable and therapeutic


  • Expensive

4. Pelham and White Luxury Freestanding Tub

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If you want to feel like royalty, this is one of the best acrylic freestanding tubs for you. It has a unique design that is still simple enough to be easily cleaned. The acrylic is made with a glossy finish and anti-slip, so it is pretty and safe at the same time. You can soak in it without worrying about any accidents.

The dimensions of this tub are 69x31x24 inches, and it can hold up to 56 gallons of water. Everything is enhanced with fiberglass so it is extra durable. This can also help the tub to hold the temperature for a longer time. The only thing that is left for you to do is to put some essential oil or bath salts and enjoy it.

This Pelham and White Luxury freestanding tub has a design that will keep it modern for years to come. It’s rather resistant to any sort of damage or rust and it will remain shiny even after months of use. It uses the EnduraClean white finish, which is well-known to be of high-quality. The drain is made of a brushed nickel finish, and it has a toe-tap drain to prevent spillage.


  • Luxurious design
  • Durable
  • Resistant to corrosion


  • A bit on the expensive side
  • Doesn’t have any additional features

5. AKDY Freestanding Bathtub F210

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AKDY Freestanding Bathtub will allow you to have a spa-like experience from the comfort of your home. It even has a modern design that will help your increase overall enjoyment. If you are looking for a tub that you can relax into, this is one of the best acrylic freestanding tubs for you.

Its curvy design can make any bathroom look high-end. It has dimensions of 66.9×30.5×20.5 inches and can hold up to 79 gallons of water. This is more than most other similarly priced models. The product comes in several colors, so it can fit into most indoor aesthetics.

Thanks to its finish, it can stay glossy and shiny for several years. Also, the tub is self-supporting, so it can be balanced on most surfaces. It has a double-walled design so it can retain the water temperature for a longer time. The installation process is fairly easy, and you can move it around without too many problems.  Also, the product comes with one year per part warranty, which is okay but for the price, you’d expect a longer guarantee.


  • Very large capacity
  • Lightweight
  • Comes in several colors


  • Short warranty
  • Comes without a tub filler

6. DKB Zarya Freestanding Tub – UB118-7934

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This bathtub is one of the premium freestanding tubs that can provide you with the best bathing experience you can buy. It has a size of 70×33.4×23.6 inches and can hold 92 gallons of water. This is astonishing, as most tubs can hold 40% less than this. This can allow you to get fully soaked – just try not to fall asleep! In fact, this bath can enable two people to comfortably sit in it without any problems.

The acrylic material is ultra-smooth, which makes this product easy to clean and maintain. At the same time, this freestanding tub is extra durable thanks to its thick and solid construction. The curved walls serve not only for the looks, but they also help you lean comfortably on the edges. This will help you reduce any muscle pain you might have.

You can easily install this product, as it has footpegs that are great for leveling on several surfaces. They are hidden, so the design remains elegant and beautiful. The pop-up drain is made of chrome, so it prevents any leakage and spillage.


  • Extremely high water capacity
  • Great design
  • Easy to install


  • Very large
  • Comes without tub fillers

Bottom Line

Everyone deserves a premium bathing experience after a long day at work. One of the ways you can ensure this is to buy some of the best acrylic freestanding tubs from this list. Of course, everything depends on your own preferences and desires. What works for you might not be an enjoyment for others, so always think for yourself. We hope that this article helped you at least a little bit with your choice.

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