Best Drill Press Under $500

Are you looking for the best drill press under $500 and can’t make up your mind?

Accuracy is important for successful drilling and the drill press is a great help if you plan to work in series in a workshop. Depending on the material to be shaped, this tool is available in different types, models which are most suitable for an artisan. Some, in particular, stand out from the rest, and in particular, the Jet 716000, which is a product of choice with its professional quality and stability which confirm its effectiveness. If practicality is required, the Shop Fox W1668 will give you the best services, due to its precision and performance.

So we are going to give you lots of tips and tricks to help you find your drill press under $500. After having tested several of them, five drill presses are doing well and are among our favourites for their quality, functionality, simplicity or price.

Among our Best best drill presses under $500, there is inevitably one which corresponds to your needs, intensive or on the contrary occasional but also to your budget ( that it is important).

Jet 716000

This portable drill press seduced us for its many qualities and features. It is a high-end model that meets all the needs even the most demanding with its hefty 5/8 chuck.

It stands out from most drill presses by its portability which allows you to move it around with ease.

It is also equipped with a quality XACTA Laser with an X shape design for even more precise drilling.

This Jet 716000 drill press has variable speeds. Its drilling diameter in wood is 40 mm and 13 mm in steel.

The icing on the cake: this drill press has built-in work light. You will, therefore, be able to see your holes well with optimal lighting of the area. It’s hard to miss your holes with this jet drill press.

It has all the features to simplify your life and to have well-made and very precise holes.

This drill press is one of our favourites because it is just perfect, for intensive use as well as for occasional use. If you are looking for a top-of-the-range, quality drill press with good performance, you can buy it with your eyes closed!

Shop Fox W1668

This Shop Fox W1668 drill press is mainly suitable for precise, very precise drilling. It can, therefore, be used for drilling of printed circuits or if you are a fan of model making. For this type of need, it is for me one of the best in this range.

It is very versatile because it also has an oscillating drill press perfect contour sanding. You can switch easily from drill to sander functionality without the use of tools.

It has a power of 3/4 HP, 110V, 1,725 RPM motor and an incredible range of 12 speeds which is perfect for working on a wide range of materials.

Another strong point of this Shop Fox W1668 drill press: its 13-inch drill press. For precise and delicate drilling on large materials, you need optimal stability. This is the case with a 13-inch drill press.

You will not find better on the market for drilling in a wide range of fields such as model making or electronics. Even if the mandrel and the vice are optional, the qualities of this drill press know how to seduce us, and that is why we recommend it if you are looking for a model whose precision is exceptional.


A model that is very successful since it is one of the best sellers in its category, this SHOP FOX W1670 drill press has all the qualities that one looks for when you want a quality tool that is pleasant to use.

Its power is 1/2 HP, and it has 5 speed ranges from 550 to 3470 rpm. It is also equipped with a tilting head and table which gives it greater versatility.

Among the other advantages of this SHOP FOX W1670 drill press, there is also its 5/8 chuck, its reliable depth stop for a uniform and accurate work.

At a very affordable price, this SHOP FOX W1670 drill press has nothing to envy to high-end models. The performances are there with precise and quality drilling.

We recommend it to amateur DIY enthusiasts and anyone looking for a drill press with an excellent quality/price ratio, simple to use, robust and of high quality!


Not everyone needs a high-end drill press with a multitude of features. Not everyone also has a big budget to buy this type of tool. For all these people, among the simplest drill presses on the market at a low price, We were amazed by the SHOP FOX W1669, and that is why it is part of our Top 5.

Its advantages in addition to being simple to use? 1/2 HP motor, a radial arm of 90-degree rotation left and right. It has a cast iron table for optimal stability, a tilting and swivelling table and 5-speed options!

Its 5/8 inch chuck is of good quality and this drill press allows drilling over 20 mm in wood and 8 mm in steel.

Simple, quality, efficient, pleasant to use, without superfluous functionalities, this SHOP FOX W1669 drill press was able to convince us from the first use. It is, therefore, a model that we recommend without any hesitation.

Note: The speed change is not as easy as other drill presses mentioned above. It involves manually moving the belt to a different set of pulleys.

WEN 4214

If you are looking for a high-end drill press, the WEN 4214 should please you. Thanks to its 2/3 HP motor and its adjustable speeds ranging from 580 to 3200 rpm, you will easily drill wood, steel and other materials.

Its laser sight makes it possible to keep a fixed mark on the part for the entire duration of the drilling. Both left and right-handed users can use this WEN 4214 drill press. It is equipped with a 5/8″ chuck and a 9-1/2 x 9-1/2″ work table for more stability.

The WEN 4214 drill press is equipped with a front screen which indicates the choice of speed. It is equipped with a work light for better visibility. With all these features, you will drill effortlessly, quickly and precisely.

This WEN 4214 drill press is really the best of the best. It is certainly suitable for all budgets, and if you are a professional or a demanding DIY enthusiast, if you plan intensive drilling, it will be there!

A real war machine, this drill press is for us the best on the market!

How to choose a good drill press?

To find the best drill press under $500 among all the offers that can be encountered on the market, you need to know some essential criteria to recognise a good product from a less good one. So, that you know how to buy a better value for money drill press, we have put together our best advice!

The power

When you decide to acquire a tool such as a drill press, it is undoubtedly to get a model that will not disappoint in the middle of work. While researching how to choose the best 2020 drill presses under $500, you cannot ignore this feature. For this, you must first determine the performance of the model for which you are going to opt because that plays a lot in your favour.

Before looking for where to buy the best drill press, your first concern should be the power of your drill. Indeed, it determines the diameter of the holes drilled and the resistance to the hardness of the types of material that you will drill. The power can vary from 300 to 700 watts, and the higher the value, the more efficient the drill will be.

You should, therefore, carefully consider this feature before buying. This will save you from having to buy a new drill in a short period.


One of the features that you will not find in a price comparison either is the practicality of your equipment. Indeed, some models of drill presses are much simpler to use than others. This can include accessories and options available on your model. Also, the ease of adjustments to be made to change the part of the drill is to be taken note of.

If you decide to use a comparison, you may, for example, find that the number of chucks and drills supplied varies from one model to another. The same is true for the connection indicator lights and the laser assistance option for better accuracy. It should be noted that the more options and accessories you have on your drill, the higher the cost. Our advice is also to rely on the features present on the model to be able to judge for yourself the adequacy of the prices of this or that model and to know which drill press to choose.


In this buying guide for the best drill presses, it is also important to pay attention to the speed of a drill press to make sure you have a model that can give you results that match your work as a professional. In fact, not all types of drill presses have the same speed. Again, you will have to opt for a value corresponding to your use, because there is no need to search for the fastest model imperatively.

Then determine the type of work you plan to do before making your choice on a specific model. For drilling large diameter parts, for example, it is better to favour a low drilling speed for better precision. On some recent models, this parameter is adjustable on several levels, which will allow you to enjoy a tool of great versatility. Yes, the drilling result is different for each level.

Frequently asked Questions

Q1: How to use a drill press?

Before using this tool, it is imperative that you are protected from projected debris, and for this, nothing better than protective glasses when drilling. Then make sure to fix the drill securely while immobilising the inserted part. Once this is done, you can adjust the height of the plate and choose the drill well. It is only afterwards that you will adjust the speed of rotation according to the material to be drilled and the diameter. To start the machine, simply plug the power cord into a power outlet.

Q2: What power for a drill press?

Power is a key factor in the efficiency of a drill press. You will understand, this parameter is not to be neglected since the tool will have to adapt to any material and to a drilling of small or large size. The rotation speed would then have to be sufficient. Also, the speed setting is present on most models, you can adjust according to the work to be done. Indeed, creating a large hole implies that you will have to reduce the speed of the machine hence the need for power.

Q3: How to disassemble a mandrel from a drill press?

Acquiring a drill press implies that you know certain techniques and practices such as disassembly or adjustment. Indeed, the mandrel may seem difficult to remove for those who are not used to the mechanism. But rest assured, this is not rocket science, you just need to have a crank to remove it. First, locate the light or hole on the spindle, and insert the crank into it. For the rest, you just have to give a big blow on the crank down or up depending on the angle of the latter. Also, it is essential to inform yourself about how a drill press is made to understand its structure.

Q4: What brand of drill press to choose?

The models presented on the market all have their particularity, and it is essential to choose the one that could ensure good drilling. Already on the range, some brands prefer to focus on their “darling of the moment”, and this can be seen directly in the price, which will reduce your field of research. And if you want to choose a model based on the brand to ensure the good quality of the product, you will have to do some background work to find the best brand of drill presses, because this is very subjective. However, you are aware that there are flagship brands for workshop equipment and you can very well trust these if you are new to the business.

Q5: What height for a drill press?

The height of the machine greatly influences its use in the workshop. Indeed, it must first suit the size of the user, because otherwise the user will get tired unnecessarily. If not possible, you can always adjust the level of the table so that you are most comfortable during your work. Also, depending on the size of the objects to be drilled, you may only need small models, but having a larger one would be more practical. Besides, you have the possibility to call professionals to answer your questions before you decide.

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