Best Electric Shavers for Head

The electric shaver has many advantages such as speed and pleasant feeling. You will no longer risk cutting or irritating your skin. It is certainly more expensive than a disposable, or mechanical razor, but in truth, it quickly turns out to be more economical because you will not need to change it regularly, nor will you have to buy shaving foam or blades. Just take care of your equipment after each use, thanks to the small cleaning utensils supplied with each model.

In order to make your choice from the huge range offered by supermarkets and online sales sites, it is good to compare products to assess their qualities as well as their weak points. Discover the selection of the best electric shavers for head having received the best ratings from users.

Comparison of the Best Electric Shavers: Top 8 electric shavers for head

1- Philips S9531 / 31 9000 series shaver

This Philips electric shaver promises unbeatable efficiency thanks to its “ Contour detect” for shaving heads , flexible in 8 directions and its V-Track Precision Pro blades . You can adjust the mowing between the 5 heights with the SmartClick shoe.

It is possible to shave on dry or wet skin, use a gel or foam if you want optimal comfort, thanks to the Aquatec system which offers a flawless seal.

After use, you can clean, lubricate, dry and charge your shaver at the touch of the SmartClean Plus button .

The product is light in hand, has an appreciable design, and is very quiet. It leaves the skin soft, without irritation.

On the other hand, the Smart Clean base, although practical in many respects, is too imposing and it is not easy to move it. And users dislike the fragility of a part at the rotary heads, which is not easy to replace.

2- Braun Series 9 razor 9297cc

This Braun razor was designed to provide efficiency and water resistance for a minimum of seven years. It allows a perfect shave from the first pass, while offering the possibility of using gel or foam. It is so precise that it adapts to the shape of the face and reaches difficult areas such as the mustache and the legs (if you decide not to use it for your head only).

The razor has good battery capacity, with one hour of charge, it can shave wirelessly for 50 minutes. If you forgot to reconnect it, a quick charge of 5 minutes is enough for a shave.

To keep it in impeccable condition, the Clean & Charge station cleans, lubricates and recharges at the touch of a button.

Users appreciate the lightness and ergonomics of this model, in addition to the fact that it is wireless. However, some criticize the lack of precision, it is necessary to pass several times in certain places to shave all the hairs, contrary to what was announced.

3- Philips Norelco QP6520 / 70 OneBlade Pro shaver

This hybrid and waterproof model offers 14 cutting heights with its beard shoe, ranging from 0.4 to 10 millimeters. The blade, which has a lifespan of 4 months on average, performs 200 movements per second, thus combining speed and uniformity of shaving, while preserving the skin from irritations and cuts. This lifespan is estimated on the basis of 2 full shaves per week.

Its battery capacity is excellent, for 1 hour of charge it can shave for 90 minutes. Likewise, if you need to use it quickly, a quick charge of 5 minutes is enough for effective use.

Overall, users complain about the average quality of the cut, it must be ironed several times to obtain an optimal shave. It would also be imprecise and more suited to long beards, which requires shaving rather than pruning. That said, if you remove the special beard hoof, it would be effective in shaving the body.

4- Panasonic ES-LV65 shaver

This razor, considered one of the best electric shavers , has 5 blades, thus guaranteeing a precise shaving. The most difficult hairs are captured by the 3 types of grids and cut by the nanometric internal blades, inclined at 30 °. The Multi-Flex swivel head adapts to the contours of the face.

A sensor detects the thickness of the beard, thus modifying the power of the engine accordingly. The latter can go to 14,000 rpm, or 70,000 rpm with the 5 blades.

The razor can be used on dry or wet skin, with or without foam. The device is rechargeable and easy to transport.

Users confirm that this razor offers good cutting quality, but the head seems to wear out quickly. The absence of a washing station is also felt since some places that are difficult to access keep the hairs despite the passage through water.

5- Remington XR1530 shaver

The razor has a multidirectional shaving head which adapts to the contours of the face. LiftLogic blades promise precision cutting. Waterproof, you can use it on dry or wet skin, with or without shaving foam.

The antimicrobial system allows shaving on sensitive skin, without risk. The Lithium battery provides 50 minutes of power for 4 hours of charging.

The shaver does not have its own charging socket, it must be put back on the charging support, and this did not please all consumers. On the other hand, it is light, silent, ergonomic, and easy to use.

6- Braun Series 3 ProSkin 3080s shaver

The shaving head is divided into three independent parts, which allows it to better adapt to the contours of the face. Shaving is facilitated by the micro-comb which helps to capture stubborn hairs during passage.

The precision of the integrated retractable head is ideal for sculpting whiskers and legs. It can be used in the shower or on dry skin, with or without shaving foam.

The device has a battery capacity of 45 minutes for 1 hour of charge, but an express charge of 5 minutes is enough for a shave.

The holding of the battery is satisfactory, however, it is noisy and not very ergonomic. Shaving is very average for the neck areas and the underside of the nose.

7- Philips S7960 / 17 7000 Series Shaver

The device takes care of the skin, thanks to the GentlePrecision blades and the beard density sensor, which shave closely without pulling out hairs. The effect is improved by the flexible multi-direction heads and the comfort rings, ensuring a follow-up of the contours of the face. It is announced that shaving will be very effective on a 3-day beard.

Aquatech technology offers a waterproof product, which can be used with or without foam, on dry or wet skin, in the greatest comfort. Express shaving possible after only 5 minutes of charging. Power of 50 minutes for 1 hour of charge.

Users appreciate the effectiveness of the device, which fulfills its promise on 3-day beards, without pulling hairs and leaving the skin soft. In addition, it is very quiet, light, and ergonomic.

8- Braun Series 7 7865cc razor

The Braun Series 7 shaver is a 100% waterproof smart electric shaver for a smooth, close shave, designed to operate for at least seven years.

Its precision trimmer makes it possible to adapt to the contours of the face and to reach difficult areas such as the mustache and the legs. In addition, a single pass is enough to overcome recalcitrant hairs.

In order to provide a customizable shaving experience, there are 5 shaving modes, allowing to have a power adapted to each. Shaving is possible on dry or wet skin. The 1-hour charge allows 50 minutes of shaving.

For fans of the Braun brand, it is a product that stands out from the rest, the shaving quality is better, the autonomy is good and it can be stored easily in its case. However, criticisms persist on the fact that it is necessary to pass several times over certain areas of the face for a truly optimal result.

The criteria for choosing the right electric shaver

Comfort for the skin

Skin comfort is an essential element that should not be overlooked when choosing an electric.

For this, it is preferable to move towards models of electric shavers with grids or rotary heads with which one is sure to protect the skin against the friction of the blades. Those with flexible shaving heads also limit the pressure exerted on the skin, and the same applies to electric shavers with three floating heads which ensure better monitoring of the curves of the face.

The number of blades

If you have opted for a grid razor, the best would be that it has three shaving elements, namely two blades and a central trimmer.

The synchronization of these 3 elements promotes good cutting quality in a single pass. In the case of a device with rotating heads, we recommend an electric shaver with double blades allowing a double-action shaving system.

No hair will be able to resist such an efficient cutting system, because the blades lift and cut at the same time regardless of the direction of regrowth.

Utilization facility

The best electric shaver is not necessarily the most expensive. Indeed, the quality of a razor is also assessed by its ease of use.

So, the best is to choose an ergonomically shaped device, offering both a pleasant grip and comfort of use. We will therefore opt for a razor with a rubberized grip which will be much easier to handle, especially in a humid environment.

Also check that the control buttons are easy to reach with your thumb so that you can easily adjust the shaver at any time.

Battery Capacity

It is true that a device plugged into the mains provides better shaving power, but cordless electric shavers are the most manageable due to the absence of the cord.

This is why a lot of importance is given to the quality of the battery, because it will ensure the lifespan of the shaver. The most efficient are the Li-Ion batteries, offering a range of up to 120 minutes against an hour of full charge.

However, a device with the fast charge function is always more beneficial for performing a single shaving session.


What could be more advantageous than a waterproof electric shaver? In addition to a head fully washable with water, you can also use it with shaving foam to avoid irritation on the skin.

And with a little luck, if you opt for a new generation electric shaver with the latest innovative technologies of the moment, you can even enjoy a shaving session in the shower.

Some brands will even offer you 100% waterproof devices up to 5 meters to guarantee the effectiveness of this function.

The supplied accessories

Each device purchased does not come with the same accessories, as everything may depend on its price.

The main accessories supplied with an electric beard shaver are the protective cover, the cleaning brush, the charging cable and the user manual.

In some models, we can find spare blades, a smart plug, a charging base, a storage pouch, or the famous Clean & Charge station.

The price

Again, it all depends on your own needs. The price of the electric shaver varies from one model to another, depending on its functionality and quality.

Ranging from the simplest models to the most sophisticated or modern, the price ranges from 30 dollars to over 500 dollars. The best value for money electric shavers is available from 70 dollars to 300 dollars.

Entry-level models are available from 30 to 100 dollars, while high-end versions are available from 200 and more.

Choose your electric shaver according to your needs

To shave in the shower: choose a waterproof razor

Waterproof electric shavers have many advantages. Not only are they easier to clean and easy to clean under running water, but also more practical.

You can use these models in your shower without risking damaging them. However, it is essential to learn about the characteristics of the razor, because there are versions that are not 100% waterproof despite their head being washable.

To be reassured of your choice, the best thing to do is to check if it has the Wet & dry technology like most products from the Remington, Philips, Braun or Panasonic brand.

To shave at any time: choose a dry razor

There are times when you have to shave dry or just because you prefer it. One of the main advantages of the electric shaver is that it can be used without gel or shaving foam.

However, not all models are very comfortable and some can cause irritation on dry skin.

For the most pleasant wet or dry shave, it is advisable to always check if the appliance is fitted with Wet & dry technology and even better if it is fitted with a thermoelectric cooling element between the grids.

To shave perfectly: choose a professional shaver

It is undeniable that the more efficient the model, the more it offers an impeccable shave.

This is the case with an electric shaver that shaves very closely and which is equipped with revolutionary technologies as well as a floating shaving head with shock absorber system. Features that allow the device to follow the contours of the face to perfection.

A professional version is also distinguished by double track blades for a quick shave in a single pass as well as by an ergonomic handle providing an optimal grip.

To shave even on the go: choose a travel razor

Every modern man can now enjoy a perfect shave and have silky skin every day even on the go.

Indeed, the different brands now offer a wide range of electric travel razors that are compact and easy to transport. The latter are often designed in a slim design and can work well without cord thanks to powerful battery capacity which can go up to 120 minutes.

Also, this type of device has a locking function and is supplied with a storage cover for even more serene transport.

To shave sensitive skin: choose a sensitive skin shaver

A good electric shaver is also a device that respects our skin. To know if it is comfortable and reduces aftershave irritation, it is important to check certain characteristics.

First, the head must have an antimicrobial system and the grids must be specially designed for a close, close shave.

It is also preferable that the model is perfectly waterproof for wet use with gel or foam. Know that the best electric shavers for sensitive skin are those equipped with active cooling technology especially if you have to shave dry.

The best brands of electric


Founded in 1891 in Eindhoven in the Netherlands by Gerard Philips and Frederik Philips, Philips is a Dutch technology company. The brand was recognized thanks to its famous televisions in the 1930s when it was among the leaders.

Wishing to meet the needs of men, she designed her first electric shaver in 1939. The company’s objective has always been to make life easier for users by adopting innovative technologies in its products.

It is no coincidence that Philips electric shavers are proving to be the most efficient on the market today. Functional devices presenting modern and elegant designs like the AquaTouch range and Shaver Series which distinguish not only by their rotating head in several directions, but also by their waterproofness and their autonomy.


Expert in household appliances as well as in electro beauty, Remington is an American company created in 1927.

The latter launched into the production of its first electric shaver in 1937, at the time when men began to seek an effective method to shave quickly while protecting their skin from irritation.

Now, the brand now offers the best models on the market with the adoption of new technologies, and this at very affordable prices. Even more innovative devices that not only delight users by their functionality, but also by their ease of use.

You’ll find inexpensive, but high-quality, three-head electric shavers designed by Remington like the XR1530. A device that will dazzle you as much by its efficiency as by its design.


Having been created thanks to Max Braun, Braun is a German company founded in 1921 specializing in the design of dedicated devices for body care.

The brand was fully acquired by the famous brand Gillette in 1984 and taken over by the Procter & Gable group from 2005 after having had great international success.

Bringing particular attention to the design and functionality of its products, Braun is currently one of the largest manufacturers of electric shavers with grids or rotating heads. It offers devices on the market at the cutting edge of technology combining efficiency, performance, maneuverability and robustness.

Series 5, Series 7 and Series 9 ranges are also essential models that will delight any modern man looking for value for money.


Existing since 1918, Panasonic is undoubtedly one of the largest electronic companies in the world.

Created by Konosuke Matsushita in Osaka, this Japanese brand has always been characterized by an innovative spirit as well as the high quality of its products guided by the needs of consumers.

In addition to household appliances, it now offers a wide variety of the most high-end men’s electric shavers on the market, offering a close shave perfect for soft, silky skin on a daily basis.

Among its best models, we can cite the ES SL33 and its swivel head with 3 blades, the Arc 5 ESLV81-K with its 5 blades, and its linear motor of 14,000 rpm or the ES-RF-S503 and its grid with 4 blades.


Long known for designing high-quality hair styling devices, Wahl is now one of the biggest brands of electric shavers.

This American company created in 1919 by Leo J. Wahl even turns out to be the first brand in the world to design an electromagnetic clipper. It was in the mid-1960s that she began producing an electric shaver with an efficient and comfortable flexible blade.

Powerful, solid, and using revolutionary technologies, the Wahl models delight all modern men who want to shave quickly and easily. The Professional 8061 is, for example, one of the best versions currently on the market.

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