Best electric toothbrush for kids

One of the questions I am asked most often is “how can I help my child brush his teeth properly”. Indeed, all too often perceived as a chore, daily brushing risks being sloppy or neglected without careful parental supervision.

How to make this task a fun time for children? Is the appearance of the object essential? Will a musical function help or distract the little one? For your well-being, is it better to use an electric toothbrush rather than a manual one? We took care of comparing the best electric toothbrushes for children, and making a safe and validated guide for children.

Presentation and use of the guide

Advising a single toothbrush for children is really not easy, because everyone has a different mouth or expectations. However, using our interactive comparison guide below, you should be able to choose the best one for your needs: you can compare prices, user ratings, features offered, and battery life.

The best children’s toothbrush: Philips Sonicare For Kids (model HX6321/02)

The Sonicare for Kids toothbrush, tested in its HX6321/02 model, is entirely dedicated to children. Although at first glance its size may surprise (especially in terms of the length of the handle), it turns out that the grip is excellent thanks to the grip strip on the back to prevent it from slipping. The weight is perfect, and the handle is slightly curved to match the shape of a child’s hand.

Regarding the available brush heads, Philips offers two different head models: a first head, small, almost round, to suit children from 4-7 years old. Then a second, more tapered, intended for those 7 years and older. We, therefore, appreciate that the brand adapts to the child’s mouth, regardless of age, without having to buy a full toothbrush. Also, note that the speed of the brush is adjustable to respond to sensitive tooth problems (especially in young children) which can not withstand the slight vibrations of electric toothbrushes. The small brush head, designed to protect growing teeth, is made of rubber and gives a pleasant and “soft” feeling in the mouth.

In addition, there are several specialized modes for children in its interactive app, for example, the “Brushing Aid / KidPacer Function”, which will delight parents. Because what would you say if you were told that your child will be accustomed to brushing his teeth exactly two minutes per session, without him realizing it? This feature is a timer whose duration gradually increases until it reaches two minutes of daily brushing. It has melodies that change every 30s to indicate to the child that he must change the dial (teeth at the bottom left, teeth bottom right, etc.), which saves parents from having to monitor brushing times.

Finally, a little more significant, the toothbrush has stickers that can be used to decorate it. This will get the children more attached to it (it becomes a “toy” with value).

Although the Sonicare For Kids represents a certain sum, it is the best tool we can put in the hands of our children because it really has everything to please and satisfy ( 4.5 stars on Amazon).

The competing model: Oral-B Kids Electric Toothbrush featuring Disney Princess

Considered one of the best electric toothbrushes for children (from the age of three), the Oral-B Kids Electric Toothbrush featuring Disney Princess succeeds where so many others have failed. The opinions are unanimous, and we salute all the benefits of this toothbrush.

The Oral-B Kids Electric Toothbrush featuring Disney Princess is one of the leaders, not to say THE leader in oral health services. Their reputation can be explained by the resistance of their products but also and above all by their good quality/price ratio. And it is clear that this children’s toothbrush is a credit to the company.

What emerges mainly from the criticism of our tests on the Disney princess toothbrush, is its good adaptation to the hands of children. Despite a size judged a bit large by our team, it fits perfectly to the shape of a small hand because it is not very wide and especially has a non-slip coating.

In addition, it has an integrated timer app ( Disney Magic Timer) which sets a time of two minutes like its counterpart Philips Sonicare for Kids. Note, unlike Philips, it rotates its brush head instead of vibrating. This is because some kids do not like the vibrating sensation.

Its original round head performs 5600 movements per minute, ensuring impeccable brushing quality and 3 times better than that of a conventional toothbrush (the difference is all the more striking in children who do not use the normal one correctly). Note that the Oral-B brush is compatible with all the main heads of the brand, namely Cross Action, 3D White, Sensitive Clean, TriZone, Precision Clean.

Finally, and this is probably what will make all the difference for a child, the Oral-B Kids Electric Toothbrush featuring Disney Princess  exists in several Disney princess models , including Cinderella.

A good alternative: Spinbrush Kids My Way!

Brand owned by the company Sofibel SAS, Spingbrush is a serious competitor and ultra-targeted on the market of electric toothbrushes. Indeed, it currently only offers two products: the Spinbrush Pro-Clean (for adults) and especially the Spinbrush Kids My Way! , tested by our team and number 3 in this list.

First of all, it is clear that the company has done a very good job of design. The electric toothbrush is very simple, with a thin handle making it easier for children to grasp, a large button to switch the brush on or off, but above all a variety of stickers to stick on to personalize the handle. It is, moreover, available in two models: boy, blue with cars, robots, etc …, and girl, pink with flowers, princesses … Brushing becomes fun and attractive.

On the technical side, the brush head is round in order to better adapt to the “small” teeth of children while easily reaching the interstices between the teeth. In addition, the hairs are flexible so as not to scratch the enamel and not to damage the gum, which is generally more sensitive in very young children.

However, the Spinbrush Kids My Way! has two major drawbacks which should not be overlooked. First of all, and this is probably the most disadvantageous, the heads of this model are not replaceable . You will have to take a new toothbrush (this is not the case with the Pro-Clean model which offers several types of head ) each time the head is too worn, every 3 to 6 months on average. On the other hand, this toothbrush is battery operated, with all the advantages and disadvantages that this brings. You will not have any wire lying around, and the batteries are well protected (no risk of electric shock or seeing them leak), the coating and the compartment are well designed. However, you will need to change them from time to time or opt for rechargeable batteries.

Anyway, this toothbrush is perfect for beginners: it really does not cost much, it is soft (so your child will quickly see if he supports the rotating heads, even if there is no reason not to) and it is customizable. A good product to start with.

Honorable mentions

Colgate 360 ​​°: an electric toothbrush for children

Thanks to its rapid movements, the 360 ​​° C from Colgate effectively cleans your child’s teeth, cheeks, and tongue. With the image of children’s heroes, it has a non-slip handle allowing very easy use even by the smallest. Its head offers a double action, it brushes the teeth and removes impurities from the tongue and cheeks. Very practical, the head is exchangeable. Its oscillations are ultra silent allowing very comfortable brushing. It works with batteries.

BrushBaby Baby Sonic

This baby toothbrush is very ergonomic with its handle adapted to the hand of a small child. It has a small round brush head, equipped with very soft bristles. The timer adjusts the brushing time to two minutes and sends a pulse every thirty seconds. The device is delivered with an AAA battery. The toothbrush is not waterproof. Watch your little one carefully so that he does not drop it into the sink. Bright, cheerful colors appeal to babies a lot. Please note, you will not be able to choose the shade you want: the colors are sent randomly.

Playbrush Smart Sonic

The Playbrush Smart Sonic children’s electric toothbrush connects via Bluetooth. Usable on IOS and Android, this brush allows your child to play games on tablet or smart phone to motivate him to brush his teeth. It controls the games thanks to the brushing movements. The Playbrush Smart Sonic electric toothbrush gives precise information on how your child brushes his teeth (speed, pressure, resistance, frequency, brushing time, etc.). Practical, it works with a battery.

Buying guide: How to choose your child’s toothbrush

Choosing a child’s toothbrush is not something to be taken lightly. Because above all each brush has its specification, its audience, its advantages, and its weaknesses … And that you have your preferences.

How to use children’s toothbrushes

  • First, put fluoride toothpaste on the head of your toothbrush. A nut is enough.
  • Then put the brush in your mouth before lighting it (to avoid splashes in the whole bathroom).
  • For two minutes, pass the toothbrush at the bottom left, bottom right, top left, top right, 30 seconds per dial.
  • Brush from the gum to the tip of the tooth and insist on between the teeth to avoid the buildup of plaque. It is not necessary to press much, you risk especially damaging the enamel of your teeth, so be careful!

Electric or manual toothbrush for a child?

The question comes up all the time and the answer can be summarized as follows: for an equivalent brushing time (ideally two minutes), with the same concentration, an electric toothbrush is at least twice as effective as a manual brush. The disadvantage of an electric being the recharging, the initial investment and, in rare cases, the noise.

For very young children (around 3 years or less), there are some electric brushes but the difference with the manual ones is not obvious and therefore not recommended. The main interest would be, possibly, the greater facility for the parent to brush the teeth of his child if it “moves by itself”.

For children, the answer seems obvious to me. Since they are never focused while brushing, get bored quickly, or take it for a chore, it is best to use electric toothbrushes that will do the job for them. In addition, the integrated app is very practical and allows parents not to constantly monitor.

Rechargeable or battery-powered electric brush?

The advantage of a child electric brush is its great plurality. There is something for everyone, whether it is size, options, color and two different types: battery, or rechargeable.

Concerning the first type, they are often LR6 batteries by two, or LR3. The service life of the system is quite good for daily brushing (at least 2 months). However, the motor of these brushes is still less powerful than that of an electric toothbrush rechargeable by current, which results in a lower speed of rotation or sweeping of the head. In rare cases, the batteries may run out and the brush must be discarded. Finally, we regret that in 80% of cases, battery toothbrushes do not have a replaceable head.

For the second type, they are rechargeable via the classic wall outlets in your home. They consume little energy and can last a month on the battery. In addition, you should not be afraid of the wires or the charging base: everything is waterproof, hyper protected, and therefore there is no risk of electric shock (as long as the manufacturer’s instructions are fully observed).

Thus, there is a clear preference for electric toothbrushes rechargeable by electric current, which can represent a slightly more substantial investment but which will last much longer (better quality battery), will be more efficient, and above all heads which can be replaced according to our needs/desires.

What criteria to choose a toothbrush for children?

If you have read our tests, you should know it. First, there is general ergonomics. The child must feel comfortable, have a good grip, with a strong and effective non-slip. Generally, toothbrushes with a wide and fairly flat handle, not too heavy, do the trick.

Then, we generally ask to have a small round and rotating head at the end of the brush in order to effectively treat the inter-dental spaces and to conform to the general shape of the teeth. For slightly older children, this criterion is less important, so you must also choose a brush with a removable head, so that you will be able to change it for another shape around 6 years old, without having to replace the entire brush ( which can be kept from 3 years to 12 years).

You should also know that the stiffness of the bristles hardly changes the result of brushing. Also, it is better to choose flexible bristles which will not scratch the enamel, will preserve the gums and will insinuate more easily between the teeth, than to take rigid bristles giving the impression (and I insist on the word ) that it functions better. For very young people, this is all the more important and you must also choose a “soft” head, made of rubber for example because they tend to chew them and damage their teeth.

Finally, it is well advised to take a toothbrush with an integrated timer so as not to have to time the child, and, why not, with sympathetic patterns? He will be more inclined to brush his teeth well if he is with his favorite heroes, and will tend to consider this exercise less as a chore, but rather as a game.

Remember that good brushing has a huge impact on general health,  50% of children need significant dental care (especially for cavities) due to brushing that is rather careless or poorly done.

We nevertheless draw your attention to the fact that it is recommended not to leave your child unattended, especially at the start of his learning to “brush your teeth” with an electric brush. In addition, as with any electric object, for optimal use of the battery, be careful not to leave it charged overnight and follow the instructions in the user manual.

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