Best Flushing Toilet

When choosing a flushing toilet, most people just buy the first toilet they come across in a store, not particularly looking at the primitive, at first glance, flushing power. We suggest you see the best toilets on the market today. They are comfortable, high quality and some are just super-amazing.

TOTO CST454CEFG#12 Drake II Two-Piece

TOTO is one of the most popular brand names in the toilet industry, so it is no surprise that some of their products have gotten a place on our list of the best flushing toilets in the market right now. This particular TOTO model flushing toilet is one of the most efficient versions available right now. If you still doubt this, you should check the online comments and reviews about the amazing TOTO Drake II Piece.

The TOTO Drake II Piece is also well known for its silent nature that will ensure that you can use the toilet in peace without disturbing anyone at night with flushing sounds. It is also a great feature if you are the type that feels a bit uncomfortable when using the toilet with other people in the next room. This ensures that you can help your neighbors enjoy their quiet time.

And if you are wondering just how comfortable the TOTO Drake II Piece is, well, you should not worry too much because this flushing toilet model is one of the most comfortable in the market. It is ADA Compliant, so you can feel at peace if you are worried about how any friend or family member with any form of standing and walking disabilities will fare when using this product. It is also an excellent choice if you have an elderly citizen that has issues with knee bending living with you or coming for visits often.

The TOTO Drake II Piece also boasts of having a very efficient water usage which makes it very economical. An average of one gallon of water is used by the model to flush after each use. Overall, the TOTO Drake II Piece truly deserves its place as one of the best flushing toilets.


Commonly known as the UltraMax II, the TOTO MS854114ELG#01 is another model of flushing toilet manufactured by the leading company, TOTO, which has managed to make our list of the best flushing toilet in the market right now. And this should come as no surprise to you if you are familiar with the UltraMax II toilet model. This elegant toilet comes with an incredible design that will make you feel very comfortable when you are using the product.

However, the premium look and high-quality of this model are not the only reasons why the UltraMax II made this list. The UltraMax II also boasts of many awesome features that make it an amazing toilet. With the help of its Tornado Flushing system, the toilet provides full cleaning while saving water. And the nozzle bowl cleansing mechanism is also a great feature that helps you efficiently rinse the bowl.  

UltraMax II also boasts of a single flush mode that ensures you only need a flush after each use and conserves your water efficiently by using just 1.6 gallons of water per flush.

Setup and installation are also not that hard, and it is possible to install without the help of anyone, but if you want to be on the safe side, it is advisable to hire a professional.

With these cool features, the UltraMax II truly deserves a spot on any list of the best flushing toilet in the market.


This TOTO Drake toilet is another incredible addition to our list of best flushing toilets by the TOTO Corporation. This model is a high-profile one that boasts of a siphon jet and a twelve-inch rough-in. With one of the best flushing mechanism, this toilet can help you get rid of anything once so there will be no need for double flushing.

The TOTO Drake Elongated toilet model comes with a lot of cool features, but one of its most unique features has to be the G-Max flushing mechanism. The toilet also boasts of a three-inch flush valve, which is much wider than most of the other toilets on the market that comes with a normal two-inch valve. This means that the toilet is capable of releasing up to six gallons of water in a matter of a few seconds. The water is released along the rims, so both of them will be cleaned at the same time as the flushing.

Its powerful XL shaped siphon jet helps ensure that the waste is effectively pushed down the toilet without any issue of clogging arising. This toilet model is capable of flushing up to 900 grams of waste with just one flush.

This model has an amazing design that is very comfortable to use. It also has an incredible flushing performance, so it truly earns its spot as one of the best flushing toilets in the market.

American Standard 288DA114.020 Flushing Toilet

American Standard is another leading brand in the toilet industry, so it is also no surprise that some of their products have ended up on our list of best flushing toilets on the market. Boasting of an advanced flushing system, this American Standard model is one of the best water-efficient toilets available on the market right now.

With a sleek and classic design style, this toilet comes with special PowerWash rim. This type of rim works by pushing water into the rim compartment and creating pressurized air, which is then responsible for forcing the water out via the holes in the rim to cleanse the bowl thoroughly with pressurized water. The siphon is then activated once the water makes its way to the bowl jet, pushing the contents of the bowl away to leave a clean bowl after the flush.

Another bonus of the powerful flushing is the fact that it is water-efficient, so lesser water is used per flush as compared to most of the other flushing toilets. It uses an average of 1.1 gallons of water for each flush. It is certified by WaterSense and comes with a 2-inch glazed trapway.

The EverClean surface feature also ensures that the toilet is stain resistant and discourages the accumulation of microorganisms like mold, mildew, and bacteria.

American Standard 2403.128.020 Compact

Another great addition to this list by the famous American Standard company is the American Standard 2403.128.020 Compact Cadet-3 FloWise One-Piece Toilet. With a 17-inch rim, this model is an excellent choice for people that are looking for a comfortable toilet.

The EverClean surface feature also ensures that the toilet is stain resistant and discourages the accumulation of microorganisms like mold, mildew, and bacteria. This feature also helps prevent odor on the bowl.

This toilet also boasts of one of the most economical toilets in terms of water usage. It uses about 1.28 gallons of water per flush, which makes it one of the lesser water usage when compared to the other toilets on the market today.

This toilet also comes with a 3-inch valve and a high-powered siphon jet that helps make sure that every flush gets rid of every waste in the bowl. It also has a pretty fast refilling rate.

All these amazing features make the American Standard 2403.128.020 Compact Cadet-3 FloWise One-Piece Toilet one of the best in the market at this period of time.

KOHLER 3810-0 Santa Rosa

The next addition to this list is the Kohler 3810-0, Santa Rosa, from the Kohler Company. As compared to the other one-piece toilets in the market, this model is quite large. Its large size helps provide more comfort for users, but it does not help it consume more water, this can be observed from the fact that the toilet only uses about 1.28 gallons of water per flush. This makes it one of the most economical toilets on the market in terms of water consumption.

This toilet does not have any crevices, so it is a bit easier to clean. It also boasts of a lot of space between seat and tank for comfortability.

This model comes with a Gravity Flush mechanism that makes use of the Kohler’s canister flush system to provide additional force for flushing and prevent clogs. This flushing mechanism is a very efficient flushing method even when compared to pressurized flushing mechanisms.

This model has a pretty sleek design that is very comfortable to use. It also has an incredible flushing mechanism, so it truly earns its spot as one of the best flushing toilets in the market.

Guide to choosing a flushing toilet

When choosing a flushing toilet it is important to consider functional, style, and design aspects. If you are looking to transform your bathroom into an integrated and comfortable space, try to be successful in choosing all of its accessories.  

Design, easy cleaning, existing installation, and available space are relevant aspects when considering a flushing toilet. Here are five criteria that will help you in your choice:

  1. Shape and size
  2. Types of toilet
  3. Types of water discharge
  4. Types of water inlet
  5. Seats and covers

1. Shape and size

The space available in the bathroom determines the choice of the flushing toilet model. It is essential to be able to use it comfortably, leaving enough space around it and that the doors nearby can be easily opened and closed.

There are round or square toilets. Round toilets are shorter and are ideal when there is little space in the front. On the other hand, square toilets allow you to gain space on the sides thanks to their more elongated shape.

2. Types of toilet

Depending on the water tank, there are low tank, compact low tank, high tank, suspended tank or integrated tank toilets.

  • Low tank flushing toilet: It is the most common and is characterized by having a tank that collects water just above the bowl. Installation is simple but cleaning requires a little more effort since there is a space between the bottom tube and the wall that can be annoying.
  • Low tank /small compact flushing toilet: It is similar to the low tank toilet but it differs because it is completely attached to the wall, so it takes up much less space than the previous one. The advantage is that it prevents the accumulation of dirt in the space between the wall and the toilet.
  • High tank flushing toilet: It was the first model to be commercialized in the market but, since the appearance of the low tank toilet, it is practically no longer used. It is characterized by having the accumulation tank hanging on the wall and separated from the bowl. Communication between the two is done through a tube called a downspout.
  • Suspended flushing toilet: With a more modern design, the bowl is hung on the wall and can be easily cleaned by mopping the floor. It is installed with a recessed system that contains the tank and mechanisms. The wall-hung toilet model can be an excellent choice for very tight spaces.
  • Flushing toilet with integrated tank: It is a novelty in the market and its main feature is that the water accumulation tank is integrated into the same bowl. This facilitates their placement because it avoids having to install the discharge mechanisms. This type of flushing toilet can be suspended or installed on the floor and, since it does not have a tank, its size is very small.

3. Types of water discharge

The toilet flushes dirty water by flushing the water. There are three ways to discharge water: vertical, horizontal, or dual.

  • Vertical discharge: it has an internal siphon with the water outlet facing the ground. It is intended for those installations in which the drain pipes reach the toilet from the bottom.
  • Horizontal discharge: incorporates an internal siphon but with the water outlet facing the wall. This type of flush is used in those installations where the drain pipes reach the toilet through the wall.
  • Dual flush: the internal shape of your siphon allows the installation of the toilet both horizontally and vertically. A straight outlet fitting is used for wall mounting and an elbow fitting for floor mounting.

4. Types of water inlet

The water inlet device is responsible for filling the toilet tank after each flush so that it is clean and ready for use. The feeding or entry of water can take place laterally or inferiorly.

  • Lateral feeding: the water inlet is connected to the toilet tank by means of a hose at the top right or left. This type of mechanism is shaped like a seven.
  • Bottom feed: the perforation for the connection between the water and the tank is made in the bottom of the tank. In this case, the connections are less visible and can even be completely hidden if the toilet is attached to the wall. This mechanism is completely straight.

5. Seats and covers

Each toilet has a lid and a specific seat that fits perfectly. Both are fixed to the cup by hinges that can be made of stainless steel, with greater durability, or plastic.

  • Seat and cushioned drop cover: the opening hinges have a cushioning system that slowly closes the cover without having to hold it.
  • Universal toilet seat and cover: They adapt to any type of toilet with a hinge system that can be adjusted in width. If you want to opt for them, you must take into account the shape of the cup, whether it is round or square. You can find seats and covers with plastic hinges, stainless steel, or damped.

Finally, on the discharge mechanism, we will add that today the toilets incorporate water discharges with two buttons: one that empties the tank completely and another that empties only half. There are universal discharges that adapt to any model and that can incorporate water-saving systems.

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