Best Hydrofoils for Outboards

A lot of people might not be aware of this, but there is an effective way to enhance the performance of an outboard with just a device. This device is known as the Hydrofoil.

However, the hydrofoil we will be talking about in this article is a little bit different from the usual ones which are normally connected to the bottom hull. This is because they are attached to the cavitation plate of the motor instead.

It should, however, be noted that while Hydrofoils indirectly increases the efficiency of the outboard, it does this by minimizing drags that occur as a result of water resistance. This will also result in an increase in the efficiency of engine and fuel consumption. This is why the installation of Hydrofoils for outboards is very beneficial to boats.

However, as a result of the wide range of hydrofoils available on the market in recent time, it is very challenging to pick the best hydrofoils for our outboard motors.

What Is a Hydrofoil?

A device used to minimize drags on a boat by raising the boat in the water as it increases its speed gradually. So this means that the greater the speed of the boat, the higher they raise the hydrofoil will provide. These Hydrofoils often comes with a triangular design similar to that of a fish’s tail fin. It is often attached to the outboard motor that can be found just above the propeller.

SE Sport 300 Hydrofoil

If you are using a boat with an engine within the range of 35 to 300 HP, then trust me when I tell you that the SE Sport 300 Hydrofoil is currently the best choice in the market for you. It was designed specifically for this range of engines, and it features a mounting kit to help hold it in place when attached to the outboard motor.  

It also features a set of grooves with crescent shapes known as Turbo Tracs to enhance the state drag.

This foil has a very lightweight and is very compact. It has a dimension of roughly 16 inches by 19 inches by 1 inch. It is made with a material known as Polypropylene and has a weight of just 3.85 Ibs. It also comes in two colors, namely metallic grey and white. This amazing hydrofoil is very affordable, and you will not be breaking your budget when purchasing it.

Davis Doel-Fin Outboard

This is another amazing Hydrofoil for outboards that have managed to make our list of best hydrofoils. Davis Outboard is one of the most popular hydrofoils in the world of boating. It is specifically designed for outboards that are not too big. It has been praised by professionals all around the world for its incredible performance that works for most outboards in that range.

This amazing hydrofoil is made with a synthetic compound that is very strong and durable and can handle an impact of significant quantity. It has a two-piece design, and it features a complete mounting kit. It is also a bit flexible, which makes it very stable.

It has been said to be capable of boosting the general performance of a boat when it is installed as well as significantly decrease its plane time by about 40 percent. The speed requirements for this is also small compared to most of the other hydrofoils. This implies that it will have less strain on your motor and give you more control when you are going at high speeds. However, you might notice that your top speed reduce a bit, but that should be no problem because your motor performance and fuel economy will be enhanced.

These particular hydrofoils can be used for outboard motors from 5 HP to as much as 200 HP, but there has been no mention of its maximum engine capacity by its manufacturers so it might be able to work well for engines with higher HP.

It should be noted that you might be required to do some installation yourself because this is a drill mount hydrofoil. This installation can rake about 20 to 30 minutes based on the design of your engine.

SE Sport 400 No-Drill Hydrofoil, Fits Engines Over 40 Hp

If you are in the market for a hydrofoil that can give you the best plane time, then the SE Sport 400 No-Drill hydrofoil is the best choice for you. This amazing hydrofoil can get you one of the shortest plane time and best fuel economy you will see on the market presently.

This hydrofoil is capable of enhancing the speed, cruise control and stability of your boat, thereby improving the overall performance of the vessel. This means that this hydrofoil does not just help you maintain top speed; it also helps enhance the control and handling of the steering to make your vessel more stable.

Similar to a lot of the SE Sport Hydrofoil model, this device also has a crescent shape that will help minimize plane time, thereby ensuring a smooth ride with better control and stability.

Another thing that makes this model earn its spot on this list is its amazing fuel economy that will help you conserve fuel while improving your vessel’s speed.

SE Sport 200 Hydrofoil

The SE Sport 200 Hydrofoil is regarded as one of the best hydrofoils on the market right now, and there is a good reason for that. With a sleek design, unlike previous models, there is no doubt it will look amazing on your outboards, but that is not the only reason this hydrofoil is so amazing. This hydrofoil is also well known for its ability to improve the speed of boat engines.

These amazing hydrofoils will help improve the cruise control of your boat while reducing planing time once it is installed. Its planing time is often between 4 to 5 seconds, so it is pretty great.

This amazing hydrofoil will seize the wash from the prop so as to use its power for extra thrust and improve its speed. This will help keep your vessel more stable and balanced, and it moves on the water. All these are done with its incredible fuel economy, helping you conserve fuel and making sure the fuel is used as efficiently as possible for incredible performance.

Also, unlike some other hydrofoils, this particular hydrofoil will not reduce your max speed but will ensure that your boat is always stable.

This hydrofoil is a drill mount type so you will have to use drilling equipment to attach it to the cavitation plate. But it will be held firmly in place no matter the condition of the boat.

However, you should keep in mind that this particular model of hydrofoil is not designed for large boats and is more effective for small and mid-range boats where it will definitely improve performance and steering of the boat.

This hydrofoil has been known to handle engines with as much power as 40 HP.

Marine Dynamics SR- XPI-1 Stingray Hydrofoil

The Stingray is one hydrofoil that is often compared to the Doel Fin hydrofoil, and there is a good reason it is always compared to one of the best hydrofoils in the market. The Doel Fin is one of the most efficient hydrofoils on this list, but the Stingray also comes very close to it in terms of efficiency.

This amazing hydrofoil is one that can handle engines within the range of 25 HP to 300 HP which is enough to cover most of the outboards on the market right now. However, it should be noted that this hydrofoil is not as effective if the vessel is more than 20 ft above the water body.

Apart from this, the Stingray is still one of the best hydrofoils for getting rid of porpoising on the market right now. It is also capable of minimizing plane time by up to 50 percent while boosting your top speed.

It should, however, be noted that you will need to drill if you want to install this hydrofoil on your outboard.

Attwood Outboard Hydrofoil

This is one of the best hydrofoils available on the market right now. With its strong and durable body, it can work with a wide range of outboard motors.

The Attwood hydrofoil has been known to be capable of minimizing drag while enhancing the speed of a vessel. Even though your top speed will be reduced a bit, you will gain better control of your boat and enjoy a smooth ride with little to no drag.

This amazing hydrofoil will also help you reduce planing time while improving your stability. This model of hydrofoil is ideal for outboard motors with 50 HP or lower capacity.

If you are a skier or wakeboarder, then you will be happy to know that this hydrofoil helps in pulling you back into your boat. It provides them with the smoothest end to their sporting and recreational activity.

This hydrofoil is a drill mount type so you will have to use drilling equipment to attach it to the cavitation plate. But it will be held firmly in place no matter the condition of the boat.

It reduced bow rise and uses prop ventilation to support thrust, which will help enhance your planing time. This will help keep your vessel more stable and balanced, and it moves on the water. All these are done with its incredible fuel economy, helping you conserve fuel and making sure the fuel is used as efficiently as possible for incredible performance.

Important Factors to Consider when Choosing a Hydrofoil for Your Outboard


You will find that most hydrofoils are made with plastic and not just any type of plastic but the ones that are very strong and durable so they can handle the impacts of water waves properly while maintaining flexibility.

However, there are a fair amount of hydrofoils that are made from other materials like stainless steel or aluminum. Both of which are also very strong and durable. Of the two materials, Stainless steel is more durable and lightweight but more expensive.

Most aluminum hydrofoils often have a specialized function like provision of balance or stability.

Vessel Size

The size of your boat is an essential factor to consider when you want to buy a hydrofoil for your outboard motor. This is because there are some hydrofoils that work better on larger boats while others work better on average-sized and small boats mostly under 20 ft.


Mainly you will find that there are two mounting options for outboard hydrofoils and they are;

  • Clamp-on Hydrofoils
  • Drill Mount Hydrofoils

Generally, the best option is the drill mount option because it helps attach the hydrofoils to your boat better. But since this will require drilling, it will probably be better if you go for the clamp-on if you are not that good with tools.

The main downside to using the clamp-on model is that they can easily slip off while the drill mount will remain in position no matter the condition.

Engine Compatibility

The capacity of your boat engine is another important factor that should be taken into consideration when you are planning to buy a hydrofoil. There are a lot of engines that have too much power and will require a hydrofoil that can handle that kind of HP. There are some hydrofoils that work well with larger boats of bigger capacity, and there are others that work well with boats of normal engine capacity.

Speed and Fuel Usage

One of the effects and benefits of hydrofoils is to improve your boat speed and also the fuel efficiency of your boat. So this is why it is important that you consider the rate at which your boat speed will be improved when you are choosing a hydrofoil to buy.


Price is another essential factor to consider when you are planning to buy anything. Before you buy anything, you will probably have set a budget for that reason, and you will not want to exceed that budget when you buy the hydrofoil. The prices of hydrofoils are generally very different due to the wide variety of materials used and their functionality. But you will find that the average price of a hydrofoil is $30 while some top-end own might cost up to $150.


This is for your own good because you can never be 100 percent sure that the hydrofoil you purchased will be compatible with your boat or fit on your cavitation boat. In any case, getting a hydrofoil with a warranty will help make sure that you can return the hydrofoil within the set period of time if the terms of the warranty are not broken.

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