Best Mop for Laminate Floors

There are several mop laminate floors out there in the market for you. They will help you in enjoying your cleaning experience as you remove dirt particles on the laminate floors. You have the task of selecting the right mop that will meet your expectations.

Different mop options manifest in multiple designs. Some have simple stick handles and mop pads. As such, they will perform double action by suction and scrubbing. Furthermore, the same mops have a spectrum of features to assist you in performing your task of freeing your floor from dust. 

Interestingly, you will get a manual option, automatic robot-mop, or a powered mop for scrubbing. Either way, they will assist you in making sure your laminate floor shines again. They come in various designs to make them distinctive. 

You can gauge them by their mop pads, microfibers, phone app operations, and adjustable handles. Most importantly, some have a hands-free design. Just in a scratchless swipe, you can eliminate dust and dirt. 

The microfiber will absorb grime and dirt plus, removing more than 99 % of the germs just using water. Interestingly, most of the microfibers are washing machine compatible. Getting the right mop is always an issue of personal preferences. Let’s get started.

What you should know about Mop for Laminate Floors

Well, you must know some fundaments aspects of a mop for the laminate floor. Many get discouraged in the searching exercise since there are hundreds of brands out there that can bring confusion to you. 

So, how do you know the best product from the many choices? That is precisely the purpose of this write-up; to guide you to the end. For an average Joe, you can gauge the product by using the following parameters:

a) Weight and Functionality

A good mop should always be lightweight. As such, it will be advantageous to the mobility aspect. Usually, floor mopping happens to be a labor-intensive exercise that makes a heavy mop challenging to use. You can effortlessly move around with a lightweight mop as you work.

You can get a functional mop if it has adjustable handles since mop users may not be the same in size. Additionally, it should have a swivel action to make it flexible by allowing it to mop under low-profile furniture. 

b) Cleaning Method

You can use various ways to approach dirt removal on your laminate floors. Some upgrade mops boast of on-board cleaner dispensers. They have a spray bottle attached to them. Others have levers on the handle to regulate the spray. 

Some mops allow you to pre-sweep before performing a great job. Specifically, they have a dry dusting feature. Others have a dual function system that will perform vacuuming as you continue to mop—such a design in more useful when doing a deep cleaning. 

The robot mops will systematically target dirt. However, human interaction is critical to enable the cleaning process. 

c) Power Source

Most of the tradition mops run on human strength. We also refer to it as off- the grid cleaning. You only have to grab the mop and scrub your floor. Such mops are usually friendly to your debit card. 

With the emergence of technology, they need electrical power to perform. It can eliminate serious dirt at the cost of plugging its cord to an electrical source. Here, you will pay more for it. 

1. iRobot Braava jet Mop

It is a superior robot mop featuring precision jet spray. It also has vibrating cleaning heads to tackle stains and dirt. It can easily access confined places like under the cabinets, corners, and around the toilets. It uses a systematic cleaning pattern. 

The cleaning mop will automatically pick the right cleaning mode. You can select from dry sweeping, damp mopping or wet mopping. You can add a hard floor cleaning solution to get a long-lasting scent. 

Such a mop is suitable for the kitchen or bathroom. It is a universal product that will clean various floors, such as tiled, stone, and hardwood. The maximized edge designs allow it to access all the corners. It can clean beneath the furniture as well as hard to reach areas. 

It has an easy pad eject button. As such, it allows you never to touch the grit or grime on the cleaning pad. 


2. BISSELL CrossWave Floor Mop

Bissell is a unique product that will vacuum and wash your laminate floor simultaneously. It works best on bare floors. It is a multi-surface machine that you can involve in cleaning the rug areas and sealed hard floors. 

You will enjoy the dual-action. It uses a nylon brush and innovative microfiber to pick debris and mop simultaneously. The product has a two-tank system to hold the cleaning solution and the contaminated or dirty water separately. 

The presence of touch controls at the handle is ideal in improving its functionality. Firstly, it enables the user to clean the hard floors and later switch to area rugs. The tank capacity is about 0.4 liters. 

It has an electric cord that you will connect to an electrical power source for smoother operations. As such, you will not need a lot of human energy to facilitate its services. 


3. Bona Premium Spray Mop

Bona is a highly versatile product that the manufacturer formulated to deal with various floor types. They may include laminate, semi-porous Mable, no wax-sealed tile, and LVT. It is an extra-large mop that can clean 40% faster than other standard mops. 

Besides, the product has everything that you will need to clean correctly. It may include a high-quality spray mop as well as a micro cleaning pad. As you pull the trigger, the mop will dispense the cleaning solution’s right amount to ensure a perfect clean. 

The mop has soft and flexible corners, which will protect the furniture or baseboards from damage as you clean. Typically, the mop is comfortable to use with some scrubbing power and grip. Again, it will ensure extra control as you scrub stubborn stains. 

The mop has a reusable microfiber pad, which you can wash up to 500 times before performing any replacement. 

4. Shark Genius Floor Cleaning System

The product has direct steam channeling, which will distribute steam throughout the pocket. The ultra-wide cleaning zone will allow the pads to absorb and trap all the dirt. The steam blaster attacks tough and stubborn stains. It will loosen stains debris from crevices and corners. 

You can again go hands-free after performing a thorough cleaning to touch-free technology. The product uses double-sided dirt grip pads that are washable. The pads are super absorbent. The steam blaster technology will not allow you to use fabric softeners or powdered detergents. 

The mop machine weighs 5.78 pounds. It has three steam settings to customize the required steam level. 

The lever-action release will enhance the mopping experience. You can reuse the microfiber. The only downside is that the mop is slightly heavy when matched with a standard thick mop. 

5. HAPINNEX Floor Mop

Happinex is a complete mop cleaning kit which has four stainless steel mop handles. Furthermore, the kit has four reusable mop clothes. The dust mop will slide below the kitchen appliances and edges of the furniture effortlessly. 

As a cleaner, you will enjoy a smooth precision control. It is ideal for both home and office use. The manufacturer crafted it with lightweight and durable stainless steel. It is a versatile product that cleans floors, ceilings fans, and tall corners. 

The used materials for its construction are eco-friendly and reusable. The mop floor pads are machine washable, although not disposable, helping you to reduce wastes. The dense clipper is durable and sturdy, which will clamp the cloth tightly. 

Interestingly, you will not need buckets in your washing schedule. Just spray the spot you require to clean and scrub it until it shines. The technology involved in the construction enables the reduction of carbon footprint. 

6. O-Cedar ProMist Spray Mop

O-Cedar is a powerful cleaning agent that will eliminate more than 99% of bacteria by using just water. Furthermore, it is a dual-sided mop to clean the floor at a faster rate without changing the mop pad.

The presence of the refillable bottle is practical when you want to give a shiny finish. You have to add two teaspoons of your cleaning agent and shine your floor. The microfiber will absorb the tiniest particles and dirt. 

This versatile mop will allow two modes. You can involve the wet option when you want to shine the floor. The dry alternative is practical when dusting the floor. You can save your money by washing your microfiber for reuse. You can wash the pad up to 100 times before you replace it. 

One will control the spray amount by pressing on the grip with your hand without using expensive batteries. 

7. Libman Wonder Mop

Libman Wonder mop is effective in scrubbing away stubborn dirt and grime. The patented technology makes it easy to eliminate excess water from the microfibers. It is a versatile mop that can clean laminate, wood, vinyl, stone, tile, and linoleum floor. 

The mop has a sturdy and durable handle having powder-coated paint to prevent scratches and dings. You can wash the replaceable head up to fifty times before you dispose of it. The user will easily swap the refills. 

The mop has three new replacements heads to keep the duster in shape. It can effectively wipe any mess on the floor. The mop is lightweight; hence it does not put a lot of strain on your muscles. You can machine wash the mop head.

8. LINKYO Microfiber Floor Mop

Linkyo is a high-quality floor mop that is long-lasting. Firstly, it has a durable stainless steel handle, high-grade ABS plastic, and aluminum mop frame. The handle has an adjustable design extending to 70 inches to reach high corners and under the furniture. 

The swivel design will allow for easier maneuvering. You can use it ideally for home and office. The pads are machine washable, which are suitable for multiple use. It will produce a reliable service. 

The mop is lightweight, which weighs around 2.4 pounds. The buyer will enjoy a two-year warranty. The used material is of high quality; hence the user will experience a long-lasting service. 

Wrapping Up

Laminate floors will only be clean and last for long if you perform a proper cleaning. You can actualize that dream by using the right mop for laminate floors. Depending on your preference, you can use settle for various designs that are available in the market. 

Since we live in a tech-savvy society, you may also embrace advanced mop systems to reduce your muscles’ effort and energy. They are user-friendly as well as effective in eliminating dust and dirt from the laminate floors. 

At last, your misery is over when you acquire your ideal product for the list above. Happy mopping! 

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