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In winters, there is nothing more pleasurable than sitting around a fire pit and getting warmth from a wood stove. It provides warmth, but the joy of sitting near a fire pit and under the blue sky is awe-inspiring.

Many people use firewood to light their chimneys, firepits, and stoves. You need firewood in this case. You cannot put a huge log of firewood inside a chimney or fire pit because it takes more time to burn and provides more heat than the required. Thus, small pieces of firewood are used, and this is where the splitting axe comes into play.

A splitting axe is specially designed to split a large log of wood into pieces. If you are looking for the best splitting axe, then you are in the right place. Today, we are going to provide you a detailed guide on splitting axes and how you can choose the best item. You might have heard a lot about maul and axe. Some people think that they are the same, but actually, they are not. We will also discuss the difference between both and what you should choose. For your ease, we have also picked some of the best products, so let’s start the decision without further delay.

Splitting Axe Vs Splitting Maul

Splitting axes and splitting maul are used for the same purpose, which is splitting the wood, but they are different tools. Usually, beginners consider both as the same, but they are not. This also creates confusion about which one you should pick. Let’s differentiate them in terms of some important aspects.


The considerable difference between a splitting maul and axe is the weight. A maul is usually heavy and can weigh around 5-8lbs, but an axe is lighter, which could be around 3-5 lbs. So, it is more difficult to swing a maul as compared to an axe. Beginners are more comfortable with an axe, as they can use it without any hassle. You can use an axe for a longer period of time as it’s lightweight.


The design of both tools is different. The head of a maul is wider than an axe. It’s like a hammer with a pointed edge. It splits the wood easily by sheer force because, due to its heavyweight, a powerful impact is generated, and everything depends on the swing. The better you swing, the better it will perform. It has a wide head, which allows it to break the wood apart. Most importantly, a maul is unlikely to stick in the wood.

On the other hand, an axe has a slim head with a very sharp edge. Due to its design and sharpness, it can easily glide into the wood. It breaks the fiber and splits the wood into pieces. The sharp edge is also wider than a maul.


A maul is usually bigger than an axe because it depends on the sheer force to split the wood. Its handle is commonly bigger. In contrast, an axe has a smaller handle because it has a very sharp edge to split the wood.

What Should You Pick?

Both the tools are excellent, and both have pros and cons. A maul is better for large logs of wood, but you need to know how to use it. It is difficult to handle because of its weight.

A splitting axe is the best option for beginners and old people. It’s easy to handle, and you can cut medium-large logs with it. It’s easier to swing, and you can work more using an axe.

A splitting axe is an excellent and versatile tool that can split the logs with one strike. It’s the necessity of every homeowner who uses firewood in winter.

How to Choose the Best Splitting Axe?

You will find hundreds of splitting axes of different brands and models. It’s confusing to choose one splitting axe from loads of axes. But if you know about the features of the best splitting axe, then you can easily choose the right product. Let’s look at some important factors that you need to consider if you want to select the best splitting axe.


The most important thing is the blade. An axe is powerful just because of its sharp blade. If the blade is not made of high-quality material, then it is just a waste of money. Commonly, forged steel is used to make the blade of a splitting axe. Forged steel is hard, rust-resistance, and durable. It can last for a long time. Moreover, it can retain its sharpness, which prevents frequent maintenance. If the blade is made of iron or any material that can undergo rusting, then you must avoid it.

The blade should have the minimum friction. For that purpose, a special coating is used. If the blade has friction, then it will stick inside the wood. Most importantly, the design of the blade matters a lot. Its design allows it to go through the wood without sticking.


You might underestimate the handle, but it’s very important to consider. The first thing is the material of the handle. It could be a traditional wooden handle, fiberglass, or composite handle. A composite handle is made of various materials in order to achieve the best performance. The handle should be strong and a little flexible. The flexibility reduces the impact that you feel on your hands after hitting the wood. It absorbs the shock/impact and prevents any fatigue or injury. Fiberglass and composite handles are durable because they have impact absorption capabilities.

The design of the handle also plays an important role in producing a powerful impact. It also provides an ergonomic grip. It is better if there is a hook at the end of the grip because it prevents slipping and accidents than could happen.

Collar Guard

It is common to miss a strike and hit the log with the handle. This usually happens when you start using a splitting axe. The strike can damage the handle if it’s not flexible and strong enough. For handle protection, there is usually a collar guard or protection steel covering. It protects the handle from the impact of strike miss. It makes the axe durable and long-lasting.


There are different sizes of splitting axes. The size of the axe provides ease in swinging. If the axe is longer, then it will provide a more powerful impact on the wood and split the wood in only one strike. The size ranges from 14 inches to 36 inches. But it’s better to select a large one in the range of 26-36 inches. This size would be excellent for splitting firewood. But it’s all up to your comfort. If you are comfortable with a medium-size, then you should select that. Sometimes a very large axe is difficult to use, especially if you have a short height. You can select a larger one, but keep your comfort in mind.


An axe is known for its lightweight. Despite being lightweight, you can easily split the log of wood easily because its performance mostly depends on the sharpness and design of the blade. You must select a lightweight axe. Manufacturers mention the weight of the blade, which might confuse many people. The weight of the blade is not the entire weight of an axe. You need to add the weight of the handle to the weight of the blade to obtain the whole weight. You need to consider the whole weight. In short, it’s entire weight should not be more than 5-5.5 lbs.

Protective Cover

An axe has a very sharp blade, so it requires a protective covering. Manufacturers usually provide a leather sheath or plastic cover to prevent any accident. Moreover, the protective cover also protects the blade and increases its life.

Best Splitting Axe: Our Top Picks

We have picked some of the best splitting axes that could help you in selecting the right product. Let’s see the benefits, features, pros, and cons of every product.

Tip: Keep all the important factors in mind while selecting the best splitting axe.

1)  Fiskars X25 Splitting Axe, 28-Inch

This is a heavy-duty splitting axe that is just perfect for splitting and chopping wood. It’s made from high-quality material that can last for a long time. It could be the last axe you would buy because it’s durable and sturdy. The manufacturer also claims a life-time warranty for the axe.

The blade is made from forged steel, which makes it durable. It has a very sharp edge and low-friction design so that you can split wood in one attempt. Its blade glides through the wood easily and doesn’t stick; thus, you can split more wood in less time. The blade is three times sharper than ordinary axes, and it will provide you an excellent performance out of every swing. Furthermore, you don’t need to sharpen the blade frequently.

The design of the axe is according to ergonomic standards. It’s lightweight and perfectly balanced; therefore, there won’t be any fatigue in your hands. It weighs only around 5lbs, so you can easily swing it, even if you are a beginner. Its design provides a tremendous impact on the wood that requires a minimum force to split it into two pieces.

The handle of this splitting axe is a FiberComp handle, which is durable and unbreakable, no matter how much force you apply. Although it’s not made of metal, it is stronger than steel. Its flexibility makes it long-lasting. Most importantly, due to flexibility, you feel less impact on your hands. It absorbs the shock to prevent any injury. This splitting axe is the best in every aspect.

2)  Gransfors Bruk Large Splitting Axe Collar

This is one of the simplest splitting axes, but it has every feature you need. The handle of the axe is made of wood, which provides a traditional and decent look. The handle is not straight; it is specially carved in a unique shape to offer optimum impact on the wood. It is easy to swing and commendable in performance. Moreover, you can grip the handle with comfort.

Its blade is of forged steel, which ensures excellent performance, less wear and tear, and long life. It gets into the wood easily by applying a minimum force. You can easily split the wood into two pieces. The blade is thin, which helps it in splitting the fibers apart. There is also a metal collar guard under the blade to protect the handle, even in the case of a powerful strike.

The length of the axe is around 27 inches, which is suitable for splitting medium and large logs of wood. It weighs only 5lbs, so you can easily lift it without any hassle. It also comes with a leather protective cover that retains the sharpness of the blade for a long time and prevents accidents.

3)  Gardena 8719 Splitting Axe

If you are looking for a modern axe with advanced features, then it could be the best choice. It is outstanding in durability, performance, and look. It looks eye-catching as it’s not like other traditional axes. Most importantly, the axe can also be used as a hammer for hitting a wedge. Typically, splitting axes are not designed for hammering a wedge, but this one is exceptional. This exceptional feature allows it to even cut huge logs into pieces using sharp wedges.

The blade is very sharp and will not leave the log without splitting it into pieces. Its design and special V-shape drive it smoothly into the wood. It requires less force to produce a powerful impact. It is also coated to reduce friction. You will be able to complete your job in less time.

The shaft of the axe is made of fiberglass, which has enough strength and flexibility to work a long time. Its fiberglass handle is almost unbreakable. Moreover, it also has a stainless-steel protection that keeps the handle safe, even if you miss a powerful strike. There is also a hook at the end of the handle to prevent slipping of the axe.

The manufacturer offers a 10-year warranty, which is more than enough to ensure its durability.

4)  Gerber 36-Inch Power Splitting Axe

This is an affordable splitting axe that has all features you need. The axe has a very sharp blade with PTFE coating to reduce friction. You can use it no matter whether you are a beginner or an expert. It won’t stick in the log. Its forged blade is strong and sturdy. The best thing about the axe is its grip between the handle and blade; the blade won’t slip or leave the handle.

The axe is 36 inches long, so it would have more impact on each swing. Its grip and hook allow you to swing the axe with ease. Its composite handle is shock absorbent, so it reduces the risk of overstrike damage. Your hand won’t feel any pain, even if you use it for a long time.

The axe comes with a safety cover that has a handle and lock. The lock keeps it in its place, and the handle allows you to carry the axe safely. This axe is worth it.

5)  Gränsfors Bruk Splitting Axe with Collar Guard

This is a 31 inches large splitting axe with a traditional look. The blade head is made of forged steel. It has a thin and sharp edge to split the wood smoothly.

Its handle is made of Hickory, which gives it a traditional feel. But it’s hard enough to last for a long time. The bottom of the handle has a groove, so it can provide an excellent grip with friction. There is a collar guard on the handle, which protects the handle in case you hit the log with its handle.

The axe is built of high-quality materials. It has excellent stability and weight balance. You can use it without any hassle, even if you are new. It also comes with a leather sheath to protect the blade. The manufacturer also offers a twenty-year warranty, which is more than enough. Although the axe is expensive, it is worth your investment. It’s a durable axe for people who use an axe frequently.

Final Words

A splitting axe is necessary for people who use firewood to keep themselves warm in harsh winters. It’s better to check your old splitting axe before winter and replace it if needed. We have discussed splitting axes in detail. We also cleared the confusion between a splitting axe or maul. There is no doubt that a splitting axe would be a perfect option for beginners, but they should be careful of its sharp edge. We have shared a comprehensive guide on choosing the best splitting axes. The important factors that we have discussed would help you in selecting the right product. Keep those factors in mind while buying a splitting axe, you will buy the best one like a professional.

Moreover, we have also picked some best splitting axes for your ease. We have put a light on their features and benefits. We hope this article will be helpful for you.

Enjoy your splitting axe and split plenty of firewood!

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