Best vacuums for stairs

Stairs happen to be the most difficult areas to clean. However, a bigger challenge lies in finding the right vacuum cleaner for the stairs. Since the staircases have high-traffic, a good vacuum should pick every debris and dirt. 

The most effective vacuum cleaners are bulky. So, how will you locate the right cleaning gear for the full staircase? Most importantly, you need to take a few considerations before picking suitable products from thousands of options that are available on the market shelves. 

Vacuum for stairs provides an effortless way of cleaning your vacuum without costing much energy to your muscles. You can eliminate all the mess that can bring embarrassment by getting the right cleaning equipment. 

A good vacuum cleaner should eliminate dust and pet hair. Since many find it a daunting task to arrive at the correct pick, we will stand in the gap to end such agony. We will take you through a variety of available products in the market with a good reputation. 

Again, we will expose the features and the functionalities towards meeting your needs. In the long run, you will easily make up your mind at the end of the review. Keep reading. 

Considerations before Choosing a Vacuum Cleaner

As you begin the selection exercise, you need to consider several features to guide you towards arriving at the perfect pick. A stair vacuum should have capabilities that simplify the cleaning task. 

You will desire to have a spotless cleaning using less effort, right? If in agreement, then you should take into account the following factors. 

a) Effectiveness

The type of vacuum you select must agree with the surface you are cleaning. For instance, a carpeted floor will need a powerful device to access the deep fibers and eliminate debris. 

You should, therefore, consider suction power as determined by the motor wattage. Also, some surfaces will demand a spinning brush roll. A motorized brush is suitable on a high-traffic stairway. 

Again, you will need a special vacuum to access hard-to-reach areas. For example, when you use a canister vacuum, make sure it has a long extension hose. 

b) Usability

You should choose a vacuum that is useful to different environments. As such, you should consider weight and size, which enhances portability issues. The model should be flexible. For example, if you settle for a straight stick, then it should have a swivel for easy turning.

A good vacuum cleaner should come with an ergonomic handle regardless of the model. Such a design will not cause numbness to begin the cleaning task soon. Also, an ergonomic handle will procure comfort. 

c) Corded or Cordless

Cordless vacuum offers unrivaled convenience. On the other hand, a corded vacuum offers high suction power. Modern versions of cordless vacuums boast of an airflow strong enough to clean complicated surfaces like carpets. 

The corded vacuum should require long cables. The downside with such an arrangement is that the cleaning action becomes challenging instead of being a natural process. Also, the corded vacuum will have a limit on how far they can reach, depending on the length of the cable. As such, they may not be ideal for cleaning a lengthy stairway. 

1. Bissell Pet Hair Handheld Vacuum

Bissell is a powerful Vacuum that is versatile as it can clean various surface types. They include stairs, auto or upholstery, and other hard surfaces. The device has a power rating of four Amperes. It is a corded vacuum that boasts of 16 feet cord, which you will plug on the power outlet to run the motor. 

The cleaning device has a rubberized nozzle, which will attract hair. It will also pull out the dirt away from various areas like upholstery and stairs. These nozzles come in binary options. The product uses multi-layered filtration. Furthermore, it uses a cyclonic cleaning system.

The dirt cup is about 0.78 liter, which collects the dirt effecetivelly. You will easily empty it after completing the cleaning exercise. Moreover, the machine is compact, and light which makes it easy to perform quick cleaning and easy storage. As you purchase this vacuum cleaner, you will get a one-year warranty. 

The vacuum cleaner is unique as it uses a lithium-ion battery to give an outstanding performance. Remarkably, this device will hold the charge for 18 months. It is worth your cent as it serves you extensively. 

The item is lightweight; hence you will not strain to use it for an extended period. It boasts of a suction power of 15.2 AW. The dustbowl capacity is 20.6 ounces. Since the device uses smart charge technology, it will use less energy to a 50% tune. The motor has a rating of 16V maximum and the wattage of 15.2 watts. 

The machine uses the cyclonic action that will keep the filter clean. The bagless bowl is easy to empty. The rotating slim nozzle is useful in different applications. 

The bowl is removable and washable, which is convenient for your cleaning exercise. 

The package comes with an installation manual. Moreover, you will get a two-year warranty. 

3. Holife Handheld Vacuum 

Holife has a cordless design with a multi-layer filter featuring a high-performance motor. You can use it for both home and car cleaning. 

The device enjoys a strong cyclonic suction power of 6KPA, which can pick even coins. 

The vacuum is a 3-in-1 hence highly versatile. Firstly, it has a crevice tool which allows you to access debris in tight spaces and corners. The dusting brush is ideal for picking up dirt and hair on upholstery and hard surfaces. The liquid nozzle is practical in cleaning unintentional liquid spills. 

The vacuum is lightweight and portable. You will easily move in your kitchen wall edges, car interior, or hard to reach corners. Notably, it meets the standards of various quality evaluation bodies like MSDS, RHS, and CE. 

The battery is long-lasting as it gives the user more energy per volume. Furthermore, it has a bag-less dirt bowl that is transparent. You will, therefore, see and empty the dirt. 

4. Dirt Devil Handheld Vacuum 

If you are in search of a cordless handheld vacuum, then here is your answer. Firstly, you will easily maneuver with it around without a limit to your movements. Alternatively, the device uses a 16 volt Lithium battery, which charges twice as fast as the normal charging time. 

Interestingly, it has a quick flip crevice tool that you can attach to the unit to help you reach out to the debris. It can access the hard-to-reach corners and tight places. Furthermore, you will attach the powered turbo tool for cleaning the upholstery and stairs easily. 

The device has a dirt cup that the user can easily empty. The vacuum has power indicators that will signal you to know when to perform a recharge. Beyond that, the cleaning machine is compact and lightweight. The user will carry it around effortlessly.

5. Shark Rocket Cord Vacuum 

Shark Rockets weighs 4 pounds; therefore, it has an ultra-weight and is highly portable. The machine has a motorized pet brush that supports handheld deep cleaning. It is suitable for cleaning car interiors, stairs, and hard surfaces. Furthermore, it uses a 15 feet cord. 

The motorized brush accessory will pick loose debris, pet hair, and deep cleans the surfaces effectively. It contains a dirt cup that is easy to empty when it is full. The filters are reusable since you can rewash them to maintain minimal costs. 

Interestingly, this vacuum cleaner can operate on any floor type. However, it has no suction control. Since it uses a cord, you will not undergo any inconvenience of recharging. You will, therefore, have the freedom to clean the entire room. 

The motor has a rating of 3.4 Amps, which is powerful enough to let you perform an effective cleaning from the beginning to the end. 

6. BLACK+DECKER Flex Vacuum

The handheld vacuum is effective since it has a strong suction power, which is also fade-free. The suction power is around 24 AW. The presence of a pet hair brush enables the user to remove stubborn pet hair. 

The dirt bowl is removable and easy to empty the collected dirt and debris. You can still clean the filter to increase its functionality. Typically, the product is lightweight as it weighs 3.2 pounds. As such, it is easy to carry and work with it around effortlessly. 

The devices use three stages for filtration to prevent debris and dust from escaping. The four feet extension hose is useful for ceiling and floor cleaning. This cordless device allows the charging of the lithium-ion battery for extensive usage. 

The vacuum uses a cyclonic action to eliminate away the dust and dirt from the filter. The high-performance motor is suitable for providing enough suction power to eliminate debris and other messes. 

7. Tineco A11 Hero

Tineco has a high-performance digital motor that gives powerful suction power that stretches up to 120W, five times better than the standard ones. When you charge the lithium battery fully, it will serve you for 40 minutes interrupted. 

You can use it to clean carpets and hard floors. Interestingly, it has headlights to increase the cleaning conveniences, especially in confined and dark places. The product passed the standards of ASTM- F608. 

It has a functional filter system that will capture particles and dust to the size of 0.3 microns. As a result, it expels dirt and refreshes the atmosphere. The lightweight design enables the user to maneuver on the floor and the ceiling effortlessly. 

Remarkably, it has a dustbin that is easy to empty by touching the button. You can dock it on the wall as you complete the task since it has a wall mounting feature. 

8. Dibea Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Dibea is a reliable vacuum cleaner that has super suction power. The same suction power can easily lift food crumbs, dirt, rock candy, or pet hair. Most importantly, it will enable the user to swivel beneath the furniture effortlessly. 

The vacuum cleaner has four LED front lights, which are useful in cleaning dark corners. The machine uses high efficient cyclone system that removes particles from the air. It can remove particles to the tune of 0.3 microns and help in the refreshment of the air. 

It is a two-in –one product; hence you can use to operate it in various places like car interior, sofa, curtain, floor, and stairs. 

Wrapping Up

Our list contains vacuum cleaners that are suitable for all types of floors. As a matter of priority, stairs are always difficult to clean. In response to that, you will need the right cleaning tool. Preferably, you should settle for the lightweight device that will not be strenuous to use. 

Before you settle for your preferred pick; it is critical to perform a comparison. About that, you will never miss your target. 

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