Carpet Extractors for Cars

The interior of cars gets dirty at high speed, even more, if you have children! To get rid of stains and dirt accumulated on carpets, seats, and in the passenger compartment of the car, it sometimes takes patience to reach every corner and dislodge the most encrusted dust or animal hair. It is possible to have your car washed in a specialized washing center, but it can be long and above all expensive! You should, therefore, decide to invest in carpet extractors for cars.

To help you in your research, we invite you to discover the 6 models of carpet Extractors for Automobiles that we have selected that will allow you to quickly and easily clean the interior of your vehicle. Our selection was made on the basis of the characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages of these devices, but also by referring to the various opinions of Internet users. To choose the best carpet extractors for cars, read on!

What is the best carpet Extractors for cars?

The passenger compartment of the car represents an environment particularly prone to accepting dirt and impurities of all kinds. There are very narrow spaces, much narrower than those generally found in the home.

People who have children or own a pet knows well how food and fur are the most avid “enemies” of car cleaning. They manage to sneak everywhere (especially carpet), reaching even the most remote corners.

Each carpet extractor for cars is in fact portable and is designed with a particularly long cable and a tapered tube. It is also equipped with a complete range of specific accessories to get into every corner.

BISSELL SpotClean Pro

To effectively remove stains from your carpets, rugs, or car interiors, trust the BISSELL SpotClean Pro. This carpet extractor has a power of 750 Watts and works simply with water and a detergent solution. Using a trigger at the thumb, you can easily release a powerful jet of water to lift and vacuum the most encrusted dirt. Its operation is simple: it has a strong suction power, associated with a brushing action in order to eliminate all types of stains. She sprays soapy water and then sucks dirty water after brushing! With its compact design, the BISSELL SpotClean Pro is easy to store and its 1.5-meter hose will allow you to reach every corner more easily. Its sound level is only 84 dB for even more comfort in use. The BISSEL SpotClean Pro is ideal for cleaning car carpets, mattresses, sofas, and the interior of cars.

We have listed for you some positive and negative points of the BISSEL SpotClean Pro.


  • Compact and light
  • Easy to use
  • Powerful and efficient
  • A cable of good length


  • High price
  • Water flow not adjustable

TACKLIFE Water and Dust Extractor

The TACKLIFE water and dust Extractor that we have selected have everything to please: with a power of 1200 Watts and a tank with a capacity of 15 L, this device can be used everywhere! Whether cleaning carpet, hardwood floors, hard floors, a garden, the interior of a car … you will get impeccable results in no time. The copper motor ensures good durability and its 360 ° rotating wheels with shock absorbers will facilitate its movement during your cleaning session. You can take advantage of its 3 functions (dry suction, wet suction, or blowing) to make your car sparkling. In addition, this Extractors has 4 filters: a cyclonic system in the tank, a HEPA dust filter, a sponge filter, and a cotton filter for the air outlet. You will take full advantage of this ergonomic and practical device thanks to the long hose of 1.5 meters and the power cord of 5 meters, you can have a wide range of action of 8 meters. You will no longer need to take your car to a specialized and expensive cleaning center, the TACKLIFE water and dust Extractors will do the trick quickly and efficiently!

Here are some strengths and weaknesses of the TACKLIFE wet and dry Extractors:


  • Powerful
  • Robust
  • 360 ° rotating wheels
  • Compact
  • 4 filters
  • Large capacity tank


  • Medium design
  • Quite noisy

TACKLIFE Dust Water Extractor

Here is another model of water and dust Extractors from the brand TACKLIFE that we have selected. With a power of 1000 watts and a tank capacity of 18.9 L, this device has real professional looks! You can clean large areas with these multifunctional Extractors, which sucks and blows on different types of surfaces (hard floors, parquet, carpets, and rugs, etc.). It has several filters: a cyclonic filter, a dust filter, a sponge filter, and a cotton filter, in order to avoid possible blockages. In addition, the safety buoy technology allows the device to stop automatically if the wastewater is too high for the engine. It is also supplied with a combined brush, a curtain brush and a squeegee (for corners more difficult to access).

We have listed for you some strengths and weaknesses of the TACKLIFE 3 in 1 water dust Extractors:


  • Powerful and robust
  • Multi-filter
  • Large tank capacity
  • 4 multidirectional casters
  • Multifunction
  • Storage for accessories


  • Quite noisy

AUTLEAD Dust and water Extractors, 20 L 1000 W Versatile Extractors

The AUTLEAD water and dust Extractors is a real 3 in 1 that will help you get rid of dust, animal hair, liquids thanks to its great suction power of 1000 Watts and its 3 nozzles adapted to different surfaces (hard floors, carpets, sofas, car interiors, etc.). The tank has a remarkable capacity of 20 liters and you can use the silencer for better sound comfort. Its ergonomic design is made to facilitate your daily tasks: thanks to the 2 extension tubes, you will not need to bend down and the 5-meter power cord and the 1.8-meter hose offer a wide range of action.

Here are some advantages and disadvantages of the AUTLEAD water and Dust Extractors.


  • Energy class A
  • Filter bag
  • Powerful
  • Big capacity
  • Resistant and durable
  • Equipped with a silencer

Kärcher 1.081-140 SE 4002

With a power of 1400 Watts, the Kärcher SE 4002 shampooing Extractors will give you very good cleaning results. With a noise level of 73 dB, this device is also quite light despite its imposing dimensions. The 7.5-meter cable length gives you great freedom of movement. This practical multifunctional Kärcher will help you effectively clean hard floors, carpets, and rugs and you can also give a new shine to the interior of your car. The injection of soapy water, followed by the extraction of dirty water for carpets and rugs, combined with accessories (injection brush, accessories for vacuuming on hard floors, etc.) are real assets.

Here are some of the strengths and weaknesses of the Kärcher SE 4002 shampoo Extractors.


  • Powerful
  • Without bag
  • Supplied with accessories
  • Easy to use


  • High price
  • Noisy

Kärcher Puzzi 10/1

The last Extractor in our selection is the Kärcher Puzzi. This injector cleaner which also acts as an extractor has a power of 1250 Watts and offers you very good cleaning performance. Given its price, this device is more suitable for professional use. This bagless extractor which also allows wet cleaning is suitable for all types of floors, carpets, and rugs. It is a cold cleaning for carpets and textiles: it is equipped with a water and cleaning product injector and another conduit for sucking dirty and soiled water.

We have listed for you some advantages and disadvantages of the Kärcher Puzzi cleaner.


  • Very powerful
  • Deep cleaning


  • Very high price

How to choose your carpet extractors for cars? 

You want to buy a carpet extractor for your car, but you do not know how to choose? Faced with the very wide choice of cleaners, washers, injectors, extractors … it can be difficult to navigate! Before launching your purchase, it is recommended to take into account certain purchasing criteria, which will help you to better orient your choice.

The power

As with any household appliance, the power of a carpet extractor is one of the first criteria to consider. Indeed, it is better to opt for a powerful and durable device, which will allow you to obtain good cleaning results in a short time.

When comparing different products based on this aspect, you must take into account the number of watts reported in the technical characteristics.

Check the differences to make sure there is a reasonable gap that makes you choose one appliance over another. Otherwise, if the difference is minimal, the performances between the models in question will be practically the same.

Tank capacity

Carpet extractors for automobiles are generally equipped with a tank containing the water and the cleaning solution to be injected and a tank to store the dirty water extracted after cleaning. To save time and avoid too frequent emptying, the capacity of the tank must be sufficient and suitable for your use. Indeed, it directly impacts the autonomy of the device.

The accessories

If you want to use your car’s carpet extractor as a conventional extractor, the accessories can be very useful! Brushes for hard floors, turbo-brushes, special brushes for car seats, tips for smooth surfaces, or even crevices will help you clean different types of surfaces and will make your extractor a real all-in-one.

Suction capacity

The suction capacity of the extractor depends on the power. The problem with most portable car models is that they are not efficient enough from this point of view.

As a result, multiple passes are needed even to clean a small amount of dirt. Machines with a nominal power of 15 watts are sufficient for undemanding cleaning. If you can change your budget slightly, a machine with a rated power of 50 watts or more is highly recommended.


If you don’t want to tire your hand during use, it is important that the device you choose is compact and light. The ideal weight is less than five kilograms.

In addition, its design should make it easily manageable to allow you to reach every point of the passenger compartment.

A compact model will help you clean the dashboard above and below the seats without causing you the slightest effort. Do not buy a large and heavy one if you have a small car: you will have more difficulty cleaning in the interstices of the passenger compartment.

However, robust extractors are generally more resistant than light devices. You don’t want to finish investing in an extractor that won’t last more than a few months, do you?

So, what you can do is spend some time finding a frame that is neither too heavy to carry nor light.

Why is it useful to have a carpet extractor for car?

If you use your car every day, to go back and forth from work or to take your children to school, you know how difficult it can be to keep its interior clean. This is especially true if you or your passengers (or maybe both …) have a habit of eating on the move. Accidentally spilled crumbs and soft drinks can make the carpets virtually unrecognizable over time.

And even those who do not eat can still make the inside dirty with mud and impurities which, from the outside, stick under their shoes and are thus brought into the passenger compartment. Since cleaning the car is impractical because of the tight spaces, a small, very practical carpet extractor comes in handy.

Is buying a carpet extractor convenient?

Some people use high-power extractors that are installed in service stations or car washes to clean the inside of the passenger compartment. These appliances generally have a long tube that allows you to reach even the most difficult points.

Obviously it is a paid service: by inserting coins in a special slot, you can use the machine for a few minutes. And so, use after use, you get to the end of the year and you realize that you have spent a small amount of capital.

This is why the numerous motorists who want to keep their vehicle clean always prefer to buy an extractor and use it at home, perhaps in the garage or while it is parked in the driveway in front of the entrance.

Which filter for the carpet extractors for cars?

Also make sure that the product you are considering has an air filtration system, especially if you or a family member suffers from a dust allergy.

Most premium carpet extractors are designed with a Hepa filter that retains 99.99% of allergens and impurities in the air.

What price for a carpet extractor for cars?

The prices of carpet extractors vary depending on the range of products that will be selected. They vary between a hundred dollars for the cheapest models with a minimum of options and go up to 350 to 450 dollars for the most expensive and the most efficient.

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