Strongest Double-sided tape

In today’s article, we will review the super versatile double-sided tape. Practical and efficient, it can have various uses at work, school to make crafts, and even fix more robust products, such as paintings, mirrors, and carpets.

In this article, we have compiled detailed information about the Strongest Double-Sided Tapes for you. In this case, our experts did not perform their own double-sided adhesive tapes test. Our recommendation is based on data that we have aggregated from various sources. This includes, for example, CU) (Consumer and User Organization) test reports, experience reports, and actual customer evaluations.

Follow us on this read and see the best product options, plus features to watch out for to make the best choice of double-sided tape for your projects.

The best double-sided tapes – ideal for every situation

Double-sided tape can have several uses. It is ideal for papers, posters, and rubbers, as well as for heavy materials such as wood, acrylics, glass, and mirrors. Therefore, choosing a suitable product for the material to be glued is essential. Check our list with the selection of the best double-sided tapes:

KESTKAS Extra Strong Fixing Double Sided Tape

Multipurpose tape for permanent gluing without the need of screwing or riveting, this makes it possible to use it at home, work, office. Heat and UV resistant. Kestkas acrylic foam double-sided adhesive tape: 50mm wide, 1mm thick / 10m long. Strong instant adhesion to glass, varnished wood, metal, ceramic and smooth plastic.

Gebildet Heavy-DutyDouble-Sided Acrylic Foam Mounting Tape

Waterproof and stable: the tape is heat resistant, can be used in the environment from 25 to 160oC,; Waterproof and anti-solvent, good formability on curved surfaces to fill uneven surfaces.

Material: Double-sided mounting tape is made of strong clear viscosity acrylic with double-sided glue. Store the tapes in a plastic bag to prevent the tape from sticking where you don’t need it. Quick, easy removal and residue-free installation – Designed to resist curling, making the installation process quick, easy and clutter-free. The adhesive is extremely strong, but still easy to remove, cut, and peel by hand.

Uses: It is ideal for heavy car trim, industry, office and home such as car number plate, luggage rack, front bumper, rear bumper, nameplate, tile, glass / aluminum / large plastic installation, appliance panel , mirrors, towel rack, wooden blocks and anywhere you need.

GTIWUNG 2 Rolls Double Sided Clear Acrylic Adhesive Tape

Super sticky: acrylic material, much stronger than normal double-sided tapes.

Pure and without traces: transparent and traceless double-sided adhesive, highly transparent, no trace of the paste, used to stick transparent products, such as glass, the effect is very good.

Soft and flexible: high density and flexibility. Ideal for rough and uneven surfaces. Ideal for attaching anything without screws or hardware.

Uses: Ideal for fixing license plates, car trims, dashboards, signs, doors, window decoration, scrapbooking, cards, etc.

High performance: good adhesive under high and low temperatures. Strong adhesion, excellent moisture performance, waterproof, dustproof, ideal for digital repairs, has high peel strength, high initial adhesion and adhesive strength.

Htinac Double Sided Tape

Temperature resistance: Temperature range of 21 – 38oC. It has good solvent and very good UV resistance. These products combine a very high level of scissor peel adhesive and performance.

Good choice: long-term toughness and high-frequency use. Good for Car doors, windows, picture, hanging objects, photos, party gadget, handwork, suitable for home, office, and industrial use.

Direction: Start with a clean, dry surface. Cut or tear tape to desired length. Place material on the adhesive sticker, please make sure the surface is clean before applying the tape.

Double-sided tape: Clear adhesive tape with a white paper liner, this double-sided tape is suitable on a wide range of surfaces, including stainless steel, rubber, polycarbonate, felt, foam, and paper parts, making it the ideal choice for printers and points of sale.

236 Yard Double Sided Tape Heavy Duty 6 Roll Adhesive Tape Double Sided Tapes

Suitable for Most Surface: These double-sided tapes can be applied on the cleanest and smoothest surfaces such as wood, metal, glass, paper, paint, and many plastics and fabrics.

Three different sizes: 6 rolls of double-sided adhesive tape, sizes are 1/4 inch (6mm) .1 / 3 inch (9mm) .1 / 2 inch (12mm) wide, each roll It measures approximately 36 meters / 39.4 yards long, total 236 yards long. 2 rolls of each width.

Easy to Tear: Easily tear the double-sided tape with your thumb and fingers. Tear the tape to the desired length. Remove the tape line to expose the adhesive glue. Place the material on the adhesive.

Strong Adhesive: This double-sided tape has an extremely strong adhesive for use, strong enough to hold 2 objects together, a good choice for office and family.

Wide Application: Double-sided tape is perfect for card marking, scrapbooking, montage photos, gift wrapping, photography, crafts, very practical and convenient for everyday life.

RUNCCI-YUN 3 Rolls 9m Waterproof Double Sided Adhesive Tape

No residue: no sticky residue if you remove this double-sided high-performance tape and it won’t peel off the surface.

Use: ideal for screen protectors, touch LCD screens, tablets, car accessories made of abs plastic, home appliances, modules, home appliance battery compartments, billboards, advertising, signage, posters, 3d card touch-ups, home, in the office, workshop, garage, for quick repairs, etc.

Properties: extremely heat resistant and waterproof. Transparency, an almost invisible accessory that guarantees smooth surfaces without annoying rivets or welds.

Model: 3 rolls of double-sided adhesive tapes; 3 different widths: 20 mm.10 mm.6 mm.1 roll of each size; each roll is about 3 meters long; thickness: 1mm, enough to use. Size. 3 rolls of 20 mm 9 m.

Buying guide

Gone is the time when gluing paper to the wall required cutting and wrapping the tape. Gone are the days when hanging a simple painting involved an entire mission with screws, drills, and dowels.

Double-sided tapes today are capable of holding even heavy objects like mirrors and watches. Follow us to learn everything about this practical product, ideal for saving time and practicality on a daily basis.

What is double-sided tape and what are its advantages?

Double-sided tape, as the name implies, is a type of adhesive tape that has an adhesive surface on both sides. Created more than 50 years ago, today it has new versions made of transparent plastic gel or adhesive foam.

They have a high adherence and bear a lot of weight, being able to replace nails and screws when fixing frames, mirrors and decorations.

And the number of advantages is even greater if you compare the double side with other fixing or assembly methods. Easy to apply and remove, they have a great variety of fixing capacity, being very versatile and functional.

Already considered the way to fix the future, double-sided tapes have been increasingly used in home and professional settings, as well as in industries.


  • Availability of different brands, types and fixing capacities.
  • Practical, versatile and efficient.
  • Can replace nails and screws


  • Some versions can be expensive.
  • High-grip models can damage surfaces when removing

Where to use double-sided tape?

As there are several models of double-sided tapes available in the market, there are also many possibilities to use the product. First of all, it is important to read the instruction manual of the purchased tape version before using.

That’s because there are tapes suitable for every purpose. The outdoor versions are resistant to rain, sun and other weather conditions. The interiors do not guarantee the same type of resistance, etc.

In turn, transparent models are more suitable for materials such as glass and acrylics, as they will provide a more discreet and visually pleasing finish. Therefore, the type of tape chosen will determine the material and the location where the product can best be applied.

What uses can double-sided tape have?

In addition to the conventional uses already mentioned, the double-sided tape may have some not-so-common and even unusual uses. Take a look at the suggestions:

  • Pants bar: Didn’t have time to do the clothes bar? Make the adjustment with the help of the tape;
  • Neckline in Place : Glue deep necklines and straps that insist on leaving the place with double-sided tape to keep the look flawless;
  • Everything neat: use a strip of tape to fix and organize phones, keyboards, and other desk items;
  • When assembling: use double-sided tape on electrical boards, cabinet cabinets, PVC channels, nameplates, and screens, and remove the drill.

How to remove double-sided tape from walls and surfaces?

Fixing the double-sided tape is very easy. But since it adheres very well, removing it completely from surfaces can be tricky. Learn some double-sided tape removal tricks:

  • With isopropyl alcohol: For any surface. Apply the alcohol with the help of cotton or a cleaning cloth and remove without staining;
  • With vinegar and detergent : prepare the mixture in a glass of water and apply with a sponge to the adhesive tape;
  • With hair dryer: Heat adhesive tape until ends begin to peel off. Remove the rest with your fingernail or a small knife. It is worth remembering that this solution is not recommended for testing on glass, which can crack with excessive heat;
  • With cooking oil: Ideal for plastic and glass surfaces. Apply drops of oil on the tape and let it act for a few minutes. Remove with a sponge. Finish with alcohol;
  • With acetone: Pour small amounts onto the tape and wait for it to evaporate. Then the tape will come off easily.

How much does it cost and where to buy a double-sided tape?

The prices of double-sided tapes can vary greatly depending on the size, brand, and model of the product. High fixation tapes tend to be more expensive than normal tapes. The practiced values can be between $5 and more than $ 50.

You can buy your double-sided tape from online shops, sites like Amazon offer many product options, with the convenience of shopping without leaving home.

Purchase criteria: Factors for choosing a double-sided tape

At the end of this review, we will give you more tips so you can choose the right double-sided tape to fix everything you need in your projects in a practical, fast, and dirt-free way. Please see the list of features you should pay attention to when comparing the types and models of this product:


There are different materials with which the different types of double-sided tapes are created, which gives different adhesive properties to double-sided tapes. It is a good idea to know the different materials of the double-sided tapes because that way you know better which material is the most suitable.

  • Foam: A tape made of this material uses cellulose foam at its center to cushion, fill or hold spaces between what needs to be glued. These tapes are very useful to reduce vibrations between the different glued objects, as well as to adhere to places with irregular surfaces.
  • Tissue: It is one of the most used materials in double-sided adhesive tapes, and they are made with paper that gives them a texture that is highly sought after by craft fans. Because they are easy to manufacture they are really cheap and very easy to get.
  • Acrylic: Double-sided tapes made with acrylic materials have a much greater adhesive strength than those made with other materials, so they usually have a large number of industrial applications. They adhere strongly to all kinds of materials and resist a lot against external forces such as humidity or temperature.

Width and length

Another criterion of double-sided tapes to consider is the length of the roll and the width of the tape. In general, manufacturers report these characteristics using the width of the tape in millimeters (mm) and the length in meters (m).

Tip: The width should be chosen according to the purpose of use. Longer tapes produce more, but tend to be more expensive.


There are several brands of double-sided tape manufacturers on the market. Some are pioneers in the production of this type of tapes and world references in the sector. However, their products can have a high value compared to competitors.

Fixing capacity (weight)

Each model and type of tape has its fixing capacity. To choose the correct version, you must know the weight and dimensions of the object to be fixed. The simplest versions, indicated for paper and the like, generally indicate the holding capacity only as light or strong.

The most robust models, in general, indicate in kilograms (kg) or grams (g) the weight supported by each 15 cm of tape; For a secure bond, never exceed the manufacturer’s capacity specifications.


Remember that the method of fixing double-sided tapes is via a layer of chemicals with adherent properties, so it is possible that their holding force is affected by environmental factors. For example, if you are fixing a brush cabinet in a bathroom, a double-sided paper tape may be weakened due to moisture.

  • Strong double-sided tapes: a resistant tape is promoted as outdoor use or weather-resistant as they not only support a greater amount of weight and can be used on less “friendly” surfaces ”, They also withstand very humid, dry or hot conditions.
  • Less resistant double-sided tapes: You can know that a tape has little resistance to adverse conditions when it is classified as indoor use. These are tapes that are used for less demanding applications, such as offices and parties, and generally have paper centers.


It is also important to know how long you need to fix the objects, since remember that a double-sided tape is not as permanent a solution as it would be to weld or use nails, so although it can help you plan in which position to mount a frame, perhaps it is not a good idea to use weak tape to fix it for a long time. Strong double-sided tape lasts for a very long time.

  • Long times: If what you need is to stick objects for indefinite times, such as vehicle accessories, photo frames or mirrors, it is preferable to buy double-sided acrylic tape, as these are the most durable double-sided tapes on the market, in Second would be the double-sided foam tapes.
  • Short times: If you are going to temporarily attach objects, such as party decorations, works of art, or as a support for models, double-sided paper tapes will suffice, as these can be easily removed without leaving any trace of their previous use , in addition to being cheaper.

Surface to be glued

The size of a double-sided tape is directly related to its holding strength, as well as the available area it can cover. It is advisable to think about how much double-sided tape you need to buy, also the type of surface on which you will use the tape, as this will save you money and avoid problems in the future.

  • Irregular surfaces: They are those in which when you pass a finger you will feel small imperfections, such as unvarnished wood, bricks, laminated materials, and ceramics with a rough surface. For this type of surface, it is preferable to buy double-sided tapes for outdoor use, especially double-sided foam and acrylic tapes.
  • Smooth surfaces: A rough surface, such as polished ceramic, varnished wood, evenly painted walls, metal and polished glass, give double-sided tapes a perfect surface to adhere tightly, so they can serve all tape types, though you’ll save more with Tissue tapes.

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