The Best Space Heater for Large Rooms

How are you preparing to handle that cold winter? That calls for owning the right space heater for large rooms. Firstly, these products are cost-effective since they will not require a permanent installation.

Mostly, people will use space heaters for small rooms. You can still extend it to apply to large rooms too. The key role of a space heater is to supplement the already existing heating scheme. 

Space heaters use radiant or convectional heat to provide warmth around the room. You can power them by either using gas or electricity. Furthermore, the space features have excellent features such as timers and adjustable thermostats to enhance the functionality. 

Space heaters will offer a powerful task of heating an area in a targeted and portable manner. However, you need to practice caution since mishandling the space heaters may lead to a home fire. Let that not scare you. You can still use them responsibly and remain safe. 

The purpose of this review is to help you in finding the right space heater. In the end, you will easily identify the right space heater that will serve you optimally. Read on. 

Important Considerations before Buying

As you set yourself to access the market, you should strive to aim at the right product. Any average Joe will find it a bit challenging. About that, you can use the following aspects to get to find it. 

a) The Ceiling Height

The ceiling height is a great consideration when buying the space heater for large rooms. Suppose the room ceiling is high, you must use a ceiling fan to push the warm air and distribute it evenly. The high ceiling will take a longer period to get warm. You should ensure that you place the heater at a central place for better distribution of warmth. 

b) Size

You should consider the wattage rating of the heating device. The wattage will determine the amount of cost, therefore, dictating the nature of the bill. 

On the same note, some space heater enjoys a gas-powered design. As such, it will operate and function effectively, depending on the size of the tank. 

c) Thermostat Options

The space heaters come with different thermostat options. The most common thermostat options are:

  • Different levels: Such heater has two or three, meaning there is low, medium, and high. You can play with the three to ascertain the one that suits you well. 
  • Sliding Adjustments: Such a unit would offer different temperatures as you can adjust between low and high. 
  • Digital thermostat: It has a built-in thermostat that enables the user to adjust to the right temperature. 

d) Safety Features

Safety features ensure that the heater has limited risks to the users. Among them are children and pets. Some of these features are cool touch exteriors, safe-plugs, auto shut-off, timers, etc. 

It is reasonable to use the space heaters while you are in the house for proper supervision. The safety feature will still provide a shield against misuse and malfunction. 

e) Portability

A good space heater should be lightweight to enable one to carry it around without putting in much effort. Other models will come with a built-in carrying handle. Also, oil-filled radiators are heavy, making them challenging to lift around. 

1. Dr. Infrared Heater Space Heater

Dr. Infrared is a 1500 watt space heater that enjoys an advanced dual heating system. It will offer both high and low-temperature settings that may range from 50 to 85 degrees Celsius. The dual heating design helps in heating a large room. 

The device uses a 17-inch electric cord. Furthermore, this space heater has a built-in humidifier that produces a cool mist to enhance the needed dry humidity. Notably, the product comes from galvanized steel, which is sturdy and long-lasting. 

The space heater has safety features that will lower the risk as you use it in your house. It has a great feature to check the overheating, the automatic shut-off feature, and tip-over protection. 

It has a remote con troll, which means you can manage it from a distance. For instance, you can change the temperature, program heater settings, switch it off, etc. 

2. DeLonghi Space Heater

If you are looking for an energy-saving space heater, then put this product in your mind. It can only heat the room that you are operating it. As is that is not enough; it allows you to lower the thermostat and reduce your energy bills. 

The product accesses the market when it is ready to use out of the box. Furthermore, it has preassembled wheels that will enhance movement from one room to the next. Again, it uses the right temperature technology to maintain the optimal temperature and cut your energy costs. 

The device has powerful safety features that make it safe to use around kids and pets. For example, the auto-shut function will prevent overheating. You can still personalize the comfort to suit your needs. It has multiple heat settings. 

The oil system has a permanent sealing. You will still enjoy a maintenance-free system. 

3. Sengoku CV-2230

Sengoku is a suitable device to use where there is no electricity, and you want to heat your room to get the optimal temperature. The 1.9-gallon tank can allow it to operate for 12 hours comfortably. 

Most importantly, the device has a stable base that makes it safe to use around curious animals and kids. The automatic safety feature eliminates any risk of accidents. Typically, this heater will dissipate enough heat to warm your room and increase comfort. 

You can use this heater to supplement the existing heat options or rather apply it during emergency sessions. Also, it comes from high-quality materials that make it sustainable. It will serve you extensively and make you appreciate every cent spent on it. 

The device is compact and lightweight. As such, the design makes it easy for one to carry it to the next point effortlessly. It comes with a one-year limited warranty. 

4. Mr. Heater F232000 MH9BX 

Mr. Heater is an outstanding product which boasts of durability and sturdy construction materials like Nickel, plastic, and steel. This 4000 to 9000 BTU radiant heater can effectively serve areas of up to 225 square meters. 

You can use this heater for both indoors and outdoors. It almost supports 100% clean burning. However, you must be careful about the type of altitude that the heater will be operating. Unfortunately, it will shut-off at an altitude of 7000 feet above sea level. 

The device enjoys a sensitive safety function. For instance, whenever pilot light shuts off or senses low oxygen levels, it will go off. It has an economical fuel consumption. You only have to connect to a propane tank and use it for 3 hours. 

The device is suitable to use while at picnics, camps, tents, and patios. This 9-pound space heater is portable and lightweight. 

5. Lasko 758000 Heater

Lasko is an efficient heater that you can use to make your room warm. It has simple electronic controls that are simple to use. The adjustable thermostat will regulate the right heat in the room. It has two heat settings and a seven-hour timer. 

This cyclonic ceramic has a compact design. The space-saving design makes it suitable for storage. More, so, the lightweight design makes one carry it around comfortably. The glide pivot feature will enable the user to direct the heat appropriately. 

The device produces a rich sound that will not cause any harm to your ears. Furthermore, it comes from the manufacturer while fully assembled. It has elaborate safety functions that will control any overheating. It also has a cool-touch housing.

The cyclonic feature allows it to distribute warmth evenly in the room. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor functions. 

6. Lifesmart Infrared Fireplace

Lifesmart is a portable heating device that will enable the user to launch a house’s heating zone. You can only heat the rooms of your choice and escape high energy bills. As such, then it is an energy-efficient device. 

The infrared heat is clean energy that conserves the environment. It will not involve combustions, toxins, or fuel to heat the room. As a result, the room remains clean without producing any unpleasant smell. 

The system will keep the air moisturized. The infrared light wavelength will target objects and people instead of heating the air. 

Such a design will maintain the humidity in the room. It will still not dry the air.

This 1500 watt device will distribute enough heat to the room and enable the user to get the required service. There is a scroll fan that will help you to distribute heat. 

7. Cadet Electric Wall Heater

Cadet is a fasting heating device that will distribute enough heat in the room within no time. It has dual coils. It can distribute the heat to an area that is close to 600 square feet. It has fans that will distribute the heat evenly to all corners. 

Furthermore, the device is efficient and quiet. As such, it will not cause harm to your ears. Again, it has fancy safety features to make it more functional and safe. For example, if it exceeds normal operating temperatures, it will shut off automatically. 

You can maximize the living space by acquiring this product. You can mount this heater on the wall as you use the other remaining space for other purposes. 

The entire unit involves grill, heater, the wall can, and a thermostat. It has a simple installation procedure which you can treat it as a DIY task. If unsure, then you can call for an expert for help. 

8. Hurricane Radiant Heater

The Hurricane radiant heater is a powerful device that you will involve to distribute the heat to your room effectively. This oil-filled heater is suitable for room heating. It has easy controls for easy operation. For example, you can use remote control to manage various functions while seated afar.

The heater has a digital display having three settings. It will display high, low, and eco modes. It also has a display timer, which acts as a safety feature. The auto-shut-off function will ensure that the device does not overheat. 

This 1500 watt device is suitable and easy to assemble. If you get challenged, you can call a specialist to offer you the required service. Above all, you will still get a limited one-year warranty. 

Wrapping Up

You will need space heaters to serve as additions to other systems that heat your home, especially during cold seasons. Many find it challenging to operate in the cold season without using a source of warmth. 

We aim to assist you in getting the right space heater that will serve you sufficiently. However, it is reasonable to understand your needs regarding power, style, size, and shape. Armed with such knowledge, you can get the most appropriate product easily. 

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