Top 5 Best Rowenta Irons

Although an iron is not much of an investment, it is good to know that you are buying a quality product. Rowenta is one of the most popular and reliable iron brands on the market. It comes in a wide range of designs and budgets, and each iron is highly-rated in its category. This brand has always strived to provide irons with the latest technology for all home laundry care needs.

In this article, we will look at the factors you need to consider when buying an iron, best Rowenta irons, frequently asked questions, and more.

Factors to consider when buying an iron

There are many things that you need to consider when choosing an iron. A quality soleplate is an important factor to consider because it helps to prevent clothes damage. The steaming power is also crucial as it aids in removing wrinkles, and vertical steaming enables you to take care of hanging garments. The automatic switch-off feature prevents accidents that can happen when you leave the iron unattended. Read on to find more

  • Soleplate

One of the most important things to consider when purchasing any iron is the soleplate surface material and the number of holes. The soleplate is the bottom part of the iron that glides over fabrics to remove wrinkles. It also produces steam, and the more holes it has, the better the steam distribution. The most common materials used for soleplates are stainless steel, although there are other materials used as well. Stainless steel with nonstick coating has become popular in the iron industry.

  • Steaming options

Due to advancement in technology, there is a wide range of steaming mechanisms. Therefore, make sure you have selected an iron with steaming features that meet your needs. Some of the common options include automatic steam, vertical steam, variable steam knob, steam burst, etc. While these are amazing features, don’t pay more for features you won’t ever need.

  • Safety features

Modern irons come with a variety of safety features. It is common for people to forget to unplug an iron after use, and that is why you need to choose an iron with auto shut-off feature. The standard automatic switch-off for Rowenta irons is 8 minutes if left vertical, 30 seconds if left horizontally, and 30 seconds if left on the side. Note that the retained heat on the soleplate can still be dangerous even if the iron automatically shuts off. So, it is always advisable to be careful when using an iron to avoid accidents.

  • Water tank capacity

The water tank capacity varies by iron type. In most cases, you will find irons that can hold 12ounces of water, which provides around 30 minutes of continuous steam. If your ironing needs are intensive and require filling less often, you should look for large tank capacity. For instance, there are irons with a water tank capacity of 47 ounces that can offer up to 2 hours of continuous steam.

  • Weight

The weight of a steaming iron may not be an issue if you are an occasional ironer and don’t spend a lot of time ironing. However, if you an avid ironer and even use the vertical steaming option, a heavy iron can be straining to use. Choose an iron that weighs under 5 pounds depending on your endurance and arm strength.

  • Temperature adjustments

Another critical factor to consider when buying an iron is temperature adjustments. Most Rowenta irons feature temperature controls with an ergonomic design that allows you to choose high, low, or max by adjusting the knob. Alternatively, other models will require you to choose a fabric type such as cotton, wool, linen, or silk. 

  • Cord length

This is an important factor to consider, even though it is often overlooked. If the power cord is too short, you will have to stay close to the power outlet to use the iron. In addition, a short cord will limit the iron’s mobility, which can be very struggling. So, it is good to have a long cord for convenience and ease of use. A good cord length to look for is at least 5 feet, but some reach up to 10feet.  

Best Rowenta iron on the market

  1. Rowenta DW5080 Micro steam iron

The Rowenta DW5080 micro steam iron is perhaps the best Rowenta iron on the market. It is packed with incredible features such as stainless steel soleplate, precision tip, 1700watts power output, and more.

The most conspicuous feature is the over 400 steam holes spread across the soleplate to ensure even distribution of steam. It produces 100gram/minute steam shot on demand to remove even the most stubborn wrinkles. In addition, the water tank is large to hold 10ounces and will deliver more than 30 minutes of continuous steam.

The thermostat knob is very easy to control to enable you to choose the ideal heat based on the fabric. Also, it has an angled precision tip that is perfect for accessing hard to reach areas like the buttons, collars, and edges.

It comes with a 3-way auto turn-off system that helps save energy and reduce the chances of accidents. The iron will automatically switch off after 8 minutes of sitting on its base and 30 seconds when facing down or on the side.


  • Stainless steel soleplate
  • 0ver 400 steam holes
  • Easy to control thermostat


  • May leak after frequent use
  1. Rowenta DW6080 Eco-Intelligence

The Rowenta DW6080 steam iron is an ideal option if you prefer to use energy-efficient appliances. It comes with multiple features with a high tech design to improve your ironing experience. Although it has 1700watts power output, it uses 25% less energy than most of its competitors.

The 3De stainless steel soleplate is scratch-resistant and has over 400 micro holes for concentrated steam and even distribution. This soleplate is designed to concentrate steam to increase efficiency and reduce steam loss. In addition, it has a high precision tip to access hard to reach spots like seams, narrow edges, and collars.

It comes with a 1700-watts power output combined with an exclusive Eco System for optimal steam output and satisfying results. Furthermore, it produces a powerful steam shot of 180gram/minute, which is effective for removing difficult wrinkles.

This model is integrated with an anti-scale system for increased durability. The calcium-away valve collects scale in the boiler, which prevents calcium buildup and impurities. This also helps to improve the performance of the iron.


  • Stainless steel soleplate with micro steam holes
  • 3-way manual safety settings
  • Anti-calcium system


  • Cheap chrome plastic steam boost lever
  1. Rowenta DG8520 Perfect steam iron

This iron has one of the biggest water tank capacities on this list and is ideal for long-term heavy use, DIY sewing enthusiast, and seamstress work.

It has 5 bars of steam pressure that help remove creases from hanging garments like drapes and can be used in shaping and smoothing sewing projects. The stainless steel soleplate is high-quality to provide a smooth glide. It features over 400 holes for even distribution of steam at the touch of a trigger that makes ironing fast and effortless.

While it has 1800watts power output, the eco setting helps save up to 20% of energy. The high power output can generate 80grams of steam per minute to remove difficult creases, even in hard fabrics like denim.

The tank is large to accommodate 47 ounces of water to give up to 1.5 hours of continuous ironing. This means that you won’t need to refill it often when ironing many clothes. Fortunately, the tank is visible to monitor the water levels and also removable for an easier refill.


  • Saves up to 20% energy
  • Anti-scale system
  • Removable and visible tank


  • Slightly expensive
  1. Rowenta Freemove Cordless steam iron

When using a corded iron, you have to be extra careful because you can easily mess up parts of the fabric that you have already ironed. If you are looking for a reliable cordless option, consider the Rowenta Freemove cordless steam iron. Instead of the conventional power cord, the soleplate is heated by the charging base.

This steam iron is agile and lightweight to provide complete freedom of movement for high comfort levels when ironing. It is the best option if you are an avid ironer and frequently uses vertical steaming.

The base has an ergonomic design adapted to the natural horizontal movements to ensure effortless ironing sessions. In addition, it has a smart light that shows when the iron requires charging. Also, as you readjust the garment’s position, the base provides the iron with a quick recharge.  

This iron has a smart automatic switch-off system for extra safety. The iron will automatically turn off if left on its base unattended for 8 minutes and 30 seconds when left on the side. To restart the iron, just place it on the charging base.


  • Cordless
  • Convenient charging technology
  • Smart auto-off feature


  • Produces very little steam
  • Rowenta DW7180 Everlast steam iron

The Rowenta DW7180 is a powerful iron with many admirable features. It is packed with numerous patented functions to offer a smooth glide, top-notch steam output, and high-quality soleplate.

The power output indicates how long the soleplate will heat up. This iron comes with a power output of 1750 watts that makes the soleplate heat quickly and maintain the ideal temperatures throughout the ironing session. Furthermore, the temperatures can be adjusted using the ergonomic rotating knob.

Most homes have hard water, and even though the water may not have any health effects, it can be detrimental to appliances. This iron is equipped with a patented limescale collector that collects insoluble minerals found in hard water. It does not only helps to improve the efficiency of iron but also increases its lifespan.

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing an iron is the ease of use, and among the numerous brands on the market, only a few offer high precision tips. The soleplate of the Rowenta DW7180 has a precision tip to enable you to iron difficult spots like pockets, between buttons, pleats, and collar.


  • Even steam distribution
  • Limescale collector
  • High-quality soleplate


  • Steam function decreases over time

Rowenta iron frequently asked questions.

  1. What is the average price for Rowenta irons?

Small Rowenta irons with limited features cost between $40 and $60. On the other hand, mid-range options have desirable features like micro steam technology and auto shut-off, and cost between $60 and $90. High-end Rowenta irons have more advanced features and cost between $90 and $150.

  1. How do I choose the best steam iron?

When choosing a steam iron, you should focus on features such as low maintenance, high performance, portability, auto shut-off, etc. A high-quality and reliable iron should deliver exceptional results at an affordable price.

  1. Where are Rowenta irons manufactured?

Rowenta is a Germany company involved in a wide range of household appliances like irons and others.

  1. Can I use a Rowenta iron for all types of fabrics?

Almost all Rowenta iron models have adjustments for cotton, silk, wool, fibers, and linen. So, to be on the safe side and avoid damaging your clothes, always read the label before ironing.

  • What is the best type of water to use with Rowenta steam iron?

All Rowenta iron models are designed to work with regular tap water. However, if the water has more than 12 grains of hardness, you can mix it with distilled water to reduce the hardness.


Rowenta has made a name for itself for producing high-quality and durable appliances with stellar performance. It has a wide range of irons that comes with varied features and at different price points. We have reviewed some of the best Rowenta irons on the market to enable you to narrow your choices and choose the one that will fit your needs. Our top pick is the Rowenta DW5080 because of its amazing features such as angled precision tip, a large water tank, and powerful steam.  

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